(Content warning: Lots of my characters are not great people, and many of them have had very upsetting pasts. Most topics don't delve into explicit detail, but there is some implied or stated bigotry in many characters pasts, cult mentions, LOTS of death, and more. I will have a more detailed content warning when i eventually revamp this starting page.

I don't think it should have to be stated, but just in case: any of these OCs being terrible people does not mean I agree with them, in fact a huge chunk of them are people I would frankly despise if I ever met someone like them IRL. I do my best to try and cover these topics realistically while still being sensitive about them, which is why I try to avoid too much explicit detail within backstory explanations. Sometimes terrible people can have sympathetic backstories; it does not make them any less of bad people, just like real life. I just enjoy exploring the minds of people, and people sometimes suck really bad.)