Distant - Creative - Big Heart
Name Dexter Mewette
Nickname Prince Dexter
Age ~820 years
Birthday June 13th
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Species Cat(?)
Breed Dom. Shorthair
Orient. Straight
Height 2'6" (Bipedal)
Build Chubby
Alignment Neutral Good
Role Musician
Location Nomadic
Status Alive
Theme [Bremen]
I can't keep letting you do this Danyel, you need to stop.


Former prince alongside his twin brother Danyel (AKA Puss in Boots). Dexter has never fit in with the rest of his family, preferring to talk to the citizens of the kingdom and playing music to crowds, as well as sneaking money to many civilians. When his brother is suddenly set for next in line as king despite them both being the youngest, Dexter isn't jealous or anything, but chooses to take the opportunity to leave the kingdom since Danyel will become very busy eventually. Instead, Danyel chooses to come with him, and the two journey together. After an incident ends the death of Dexter's partner, an incident that wouldn't have happened if Danyel had listened to him, Dexter snaps and the two split. Dexter continues his travelling musician tirade solo from then on.

Height:2'6" on Hind Legs Eyes:Green
Build:Chubby Skin:Grey
Fur Style:Short/Ragged Fur Color:Black/White
  • Anatomically, his two forms aren't different, he just stands upright.
  • His front paws mostly look like normal paws, except for his dew claws, which in his species are closer to the other toes and able to be used like thumbs
  • His magic is usually visible as a light pink aura around whatever he's doing with it
  • He looks like he has aged much more physically compared to his brother, thanks to the long term stress he had from grieving. While he still looks young for well...800 years. He has more gray hairs and his fur is scruffier.


Dexter tends to keep to himself most of the time. During his younger years he used to be far more boisterous and outwardly friendly, but his positive outlook on the world has been beaten out of him with time. He still always chooses to be kind when he can, but he is aware that he will never be able to make as large of an impact in the world as he'd like to. But even in the wreckage of the galaxy he lives in, he will always choose to spare others money, help those in need get back on their feet, and of course loves to play songs for children.

While in the past Dexter used to make friends all over the place, he does so far less often nowadays, not because he doesn't want friends, but simply because he doesn't have the magnetic personality he once did. Most of his friends these days are people he's met while doing performances, many are simply brief friendships formed from long conversations with strangers, some actually stick around and find ways to keep in contact. So while Dexter may not be the social butterfly he once was, he still has lots of connections around locations he's visited, many of which allow him a place to stay when he's passing through. Many places he doesn't even give his real name, preferring to go by multiple 'stage names' or whatever nickname others come up for him. He especially never brings up his last name, even if most info on the Mewette family is gone forever, he still fears being recognized.

He is well aware that luck is a real concept in the universe, his brother is living proof of the fact, Dexter hates anything to do with luck. He dislikes being around people obsessed with luck, hates rumored 'lucky objects', and similar. While he once believed that luck was a powerful tool that could be utilized, his falling out with his brother has soured him on the concept. He doesn't like the idea of his achievements not being his own, and percieves 'being lucky' as exactly that.

While he loves his family still, and misses them dearly (being aware that the kingdom has been destroyed, a fact that Puss has not learned yet), he does not agree with the concept of monarchies, and overall is very left leaning in his political ideologies, which also played a part in his leaving the kingdom. He wants to believe in a world where no one should have to worry about if they can eat that day or if they'll have a home to come back to, however naive others may see him.


  • Music
  • Socialism
  • Kids
  • Bailey
  • Lakes


  • "Luck"
  • Writing Lyrics
  • Most Government
  • Dark Blue
  • Conflict


  • Distant
  • Creative
  • Big Heart
  • Friendly
  • Tired


  • Similarly to his brother Puss, Dexter has some 'luck' abilities as well. In Dexter's case, he can be very lucky, but only he is lucky. He drains the good luck from things around him when in a negative mood, more so if he is vocally upset/angry. By default he is fairly unlucky, meaning he only has higher than average luck if he has drained it from the things/people around him. This draining is only temporary, but it lasts around 32 hours. He has no knowledge that he has this ability, and believes that only Puss is 'special'. Even if evidence were presented to him, he would heavily deny it, he would think it somehow negates his achievements and refuses to attribute anything he's done to luck.
  • He has ability in magic, but his skills in it are very limited. The extent of his magic is being able to store and summon items in a little pocket dimension, and some telekinises. His telekinises abilities are limited to his own strength though, he cannot lift something with magic that he could not lift himself. He can 'store away' heavier items into the pocket dimension, but its MUCH harder to get them back out, and often blocks the way of accessing the other items in there. He tends to use it mostly to play multiple instruments at once.


Born to royal parents with 4 other siblings, including his twin brother Danyel. Dexter never fit in, and was also the youngest child. When his twin is suddenly determined to be next in line despite their ages, Dexter decides to leave to pursue music, but Danyel surprises him by wanting to coming with. Dexter meets Bailey on their travels and falls in love, but a daring vigilante attempt by Danyel goes awry, despite Dexter warning him that his luck won't save him forever, and Bailey is killed, splitting the two brothers apart.


In the current day, Dexter simply keeps travelling like he used to. He has no real home, and simply travels from motel to hotel and performs music in the street. Sometimes he lands smaller gigs at local restaurants as well. While he isn't particularly close with anyone, people still like his positivity despite his obvious sadness, and he makes lots of friendly acquaintances that also offer him places to stay when money is low. When he's not doing performances, he often goes to any community buildings in the area he's currently is and helps out however he can. Plenty of towns around the galaxy know him for all his help, but few even know his real name. He's just sort of a nice guy who shows up.

Dexter grew up as royalty, with 4 other siblings, one of them being his twin Danyel. Dexter never had any thoughts of ever becoming king, he knew the youngest were not next in line, and he and Danyel were the youngest. He didn't mind at all though, because Dexter frankly hated having to act royal. While he appreciated the security of shelter, food, and safety, the royal life was far too stuffy and repetitive for him. He loved music, and was very skilled in it, especially lutes. His parents initially rarely paid excessive attention to him and Danyel, especially him, and so Dexter would use that lack of eyes to frequently sneak out to the town and give out money and food to people. At first in exchange for listening to his music, but eventually he gave it out freely as he realized how much his family had to spare compared to the rest of the kingdom. Just enough to make a difference to people, but not enough to be a noticeable loss.

After awhile of doing this, Dexter in his teenage years now, he started bringing Danyel along, often ranting to him about unfair it was that so many of their subjects had to go to sleep cold, or had to go hungry some days. Danyel wasn't extremely interested at first, but as Dexter kept inviting him on outings, Danyel started to understand what Dexter meant, and the two would often talk fantasies about if they were king next and how they'd fix the kingdom

After about a year of Danyel and Dexter doing their outings, their parents suddenly revealed that for reasons they couldn't discuss, Danyel would now be next in line for king, despite being the youngest prince. Dexter thought this was great, knowing his brother was smart and had similar views to him, maybe there really was a chance to fix the kingdom for the better. Dexter also knew this meant Danyel would become much busier though, and so he went out less, feeling strange without Danyel there, and focused on music instead. Overtime though, Dexter grew bored of living in the castle, and made a plan to run away and be a travelling musician instead. Before he left though, he made sure to tell Danyel his plans. To his surprise, Danyel asked to join him, that the stress of the future was killing him, and so the two left the kingdom silently together, only leaving a note behind.

The pair travelled together for a long time, visiting various towns, both inside the parallel and outside of it on earth. Dexter made some money with his performances, while Danyel began to get very into vigilantism. At one town, the two meet a possum named Bailey, and her and Dexter quickly grew close, and later started dating.

At first, Bailey would help with Danyel's vigilante stunts, but after so many successes, Dexter began to fear the day Danyel's luck would finally make a bad roll, and feared they could both be hurt or killed. He started expressing concern for this 'justice', suggesting that Danyel should try and help towns other ways, and while he won Bailey over, who agreed and stopped accompanying Danyel's 'missions', Danyel refused to stop despite Dexter's pleas. Shortly after getting Bailey to stop the hero escapades, Dexter proposed to her, and Bailey gleefully accepted, the two planned to tell Danyel later, knowing he would go over the top with wanting a nice 'wedding'. But eventually, Dexter's fears came true, and after warning him not to, Danyel followed through anyway on a 'robin hood' attempt from well known criminals for a town. It seemed like a success at first, but in the middle of the night their camp was found, and Bailey was killed quietly in the night, leaving her body to be discovered when the brothers woke up. The message was obvious; they had finally messed with the wrong people. Dexter was completely destroyed for weeks, and still grieving months later. He refused to speak to Danyel for any of that time, other than very curt sentences when needed, and eventually the silent tension boiled over, the two brothers having an explosive argument before Dexter split ties with Danyel and left him on his own.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Power or Fame
Other's Opinions
PUSS IN BOOTS [Twin Brother]

While Dexter still cares deeply for his brother, he cannot bring himself to ever make contact with him again after he accidentally caused the death of Bailey. He misses him, but he really misses who he used to be, the cat who had big dreams on fixing their home and the brain to do so. He should have figured that Danyel abandoning his position as prince to come run away with him was the first red flag, but he was blinded by the excitement of travelling across the planet with his brother. Instead he witnessed Danyel's fall into "justice" and wreckless behavior. Dexter isn't even sure what he'd want from him if they did meet again, an apology? Proof he's changed? It doesn't matter anymore. It won't bring Bailey back. He just hopes Danyel has gotten more sense in him after all this time, and that he's happy wherever he is.

BAILEY [Fiancee]

Dexter really truly loved her. He'd never believed in soulmates beforehand, but after her he did. When the accident Danyel caused happened only a week after he'd proposed to her, it left him completely distraught for years. He still is, frankly, but he's learned to keep moving forward despite the hole. Danyel never knew Dexter had proposed, and Dexter never plans on telling him, it doesn't matter anymore, it can't be undone, he doesn't see a need to further burden his brother, losing a friend and family member is enough punishment in Dexter's eyes.