Bastard - Radioactive - LOUD
Name Hale-Bopp
Nickname Hale
Age Unknown (Y.A.)
Birthday Unknown
Gender N/A
Pronouns He/They/She
Species "Comet Cat"
Race N/A
Orient. Pansexual
Height 2'5" (3' On Toes)
Build Skinny
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Role (Ass)assin
Location In Space
Status Alive
Theme [Cult Ritual, Line 3]


The galaxy's equivalent of that asshole kid across the street that toilet-papers your house. Except on a larger scale in every way.

Hale-bopp is... a "member" of the same crew Mary leads. He does what he wants, and mostly stays with the group because it's protection in numbers, but he very often goes off on his own to do his own thing and comes back later.
He travels between Galaxies frequently, at least "frequent" for his species, about every 100-500 years or so he gets bored and goes somewhere else, which to the rest of his species would seem like going on a new roadtrip in a different country every single month. Which speaking of his species, he rarely keeps in contact with any of them, and they don't want to talk to him anyway because, in his family's own words, "he makes us look bad".
While he tries to visit new galaxies mostly, he will go back to ones he's visited before to see if there's anything new. His favorite place to revisit is the Milky Way Galaxy, specifically earth, he just thinks earth-humans are incredibly hilarious, both on their own and just to mess with.

Though he mostly does a whole lot of nothing, usually just fucking around on random planets until his gets bored, he did eventually find a job he enjoyed; killing people for money. It's not the 'killing' he enjoys, it's the large sums of money he gets, killing people just happens to be easy for a low empathy, extremely durable, hard-to-kill living comet.

Height:2'5" (3' on toes) Eyes:VERY Dark Red
Build:Skinny Bastard Skin:White
Fur Style:Velvety Fuzz Fur Color:Pink (Blue accents)
  • If you draw detailed fur, the white gradient is actually the fur fading out, the pink is his fur, the white is his skin.
  • Most of his fur is very short and velvety, the fluffiest part of him is his head and chest, specifically his cheeks.
  • His wings can be hidden away, he doesn't need them to fly, but he'll usually bring them out anyway because they help him be faster and more agile.
  • Avid defender of 'memes' and will often create awful frankensteined memes to put onto t-shirts, which he not only tries to sell but will also often wear himself if bored.


Hale-bopp's personality is...complicated. Simultaneously void of one yet also full of personality. He adapts to fit the group around him, or for what's needed in a certain situation, but it's always bumped up to an 11 and lacks any true sense of morality.
He's aware of most things, he's not an idiot. He knows what other people consider normal, or moral/immoral. But he frankly just doesn't care. His goal in life is to amuse himself, that's all. He's here for a fun time and that's it. And it's far easier for him to do so by giving off the air of someone who just doesn't understand and refuses to, he doesn't do it conciously and tends not to overthink what he does, but in the end, it's still what he's doing.

Overall Hale makes his choices and descisions purely on whether or not he thinks the result would be funny, and the more chaos it causes, the funnier it is to him. Completely unpredictable, he may 'help' you one moment, and then metaphorically kick you in the nuts the next moment (or literally!). The people he considers 'friends' mostly rely on how useful he considers them. While he's not entirely disloyal, he won't just leave a group he's been part of for awhile on a whim, he still has no qualms with betraying people if given a good deal for doing so, at the least; it'll take a VERY good deal to get him to betray a group he's been with for awhile. Starting over isn't easy you know!

While he has a moral code, it's.....Incredibly loose, and changes fairly often like the rest of his personality. But overall he generally doesn't care for people or feelings. He doesn't understand most cultures, and thinks most of it makes no sense. He's incredibly intelligent in the book-smart sort of way, he can describe almost anything in a way for humans to understand. (Though he probably never would, instead just giving you the "Wouldn't you like to know?") Despite all their smarts, they don't "understand" a damn thing socially. Washing your hands? What's the point in that? What the fuck does 'please' and 'thank you' do for you, really? They don't care. He understands almost everything in a literal sense. He knows the 'actual' purpose for some things to be done and has heard the reasons behind other things, he just tends to ignore them and doesn't care. He knows washing your hands can prevent the spread of germs for humans, but he doesn't care, germs don't affect him. He knows please and thank you are to be polite, but he doesn't care about being polite, etc. Especially since the reactions people have when he does something blatantly 'wrong' are just so funny to him.

When he actually focuses on people's thoughts of him, it mostly revolves around him wanting people to respect and listen to him without question. Often the most obvious in that he has a tendency of...Accidentally forming cults? More like half-accident. His level of empathy just low enough to not care who gets hurt, and smart enough to know when to pretend. He doesn't usually plan to do it, but he doesn't discourage it either, in fact quite the opposite, if he sees the potential for it to happen, he'll encourage the behavior, but tends not to force it too much at first. He thinks getting people to do 'ridiculous things' under his name is incredibly funny. Unfortunately it's usually just as awful for the people involved as it sounds.


  • Pizza
  • Outdated Memes
  • Causing problems on purpose
  • Bragging


  • Missing Information
  • Magic
  • Authority
  • Milwaukee, WI


  • Rebellious
  • Hedonistic
  • Fickle
  • Chaotic
  • 'Always right'


  • [VOICE CLAIM] (But more understandable, and with a 'Ben Shapiro' type cadence)
  • Always types "IN ALL CAPS" when his dialogue is written. He is fucking yelling constantly, even when he's whispering he still manages to give off the aura of yelling despite physically being quiet.
  • Originally a character for an extremely bizarre tabletop game hosted by my friend, which is canon for him, but took place ages ago in universe. This tabletop game's lore is why Hale-Bopp specifically despises Milwaukee
  • Inspired by the comet of the same name.
  • Likes pizza, bad memes, and terrible 90s/2000s website/graphic design
  • Avid social media user, created his own homebrew application on his phone that allows him to post to the 'twitter equivalents' from multiple planets all at once. He is insufferable and gets frequently blocked by many people. He has only about 100 followers maximum on anything (with the rare exception) and yet still manages to be infamous
  • If there's any redeeming quality to Hale-Bopp, it's his intelligence in any form of science. He's best in things related to space, but he has extensive knowledge in almost any sort of objective science you can think of. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. The real problem is getting him to actually use this knowledge in a beneficial way.
  • Good at flying overall, but can easily be caught off guard if his wings aren't out and ready. He can fly without the wings out, but at the cost of being much clumsier and less accurate.
  • Along side his flight, he is also extremely squishy thanks to having no 'real' bones. His bones are sturdy enough to support him, but squishy and loose enough that he can squeeze into holes as small as 4 sq inches (it is very hard for him to do a hole that small however)
  • Hale-bopps species is meant for space and planets vacant of other life, they all give off radiation consistently, most of it emitting from their wings. Their bodies are safe to the touch, their wings are very much not. Even when the wings are hidden, they still emit this radiation. It varies between individuals of the species, but Hale-bopp specifically gives off about 4 mSv a day, which is almost as much as you'd normally be exposed to per year. He gives it off in one day. He is actively a health hazard to any carbon based life-forms around him, but most people aren't around him long enough for it to become a serious issue, they'll just probably live a little less than they would've before.
  • He has some "magical" ability, everyone calls it magic, but he'll be irritated if you do. He firmly believes magic isn't a real concept, and he's sorta right, almost everything he sees he can figure out what the actual reason for it is and be accurate for the most part, and he knows exactly how his own magic works, but thanks to being annoying and unhelpful, he tends to not explain it properly to others out of laziness, so most people still call it magic. He's very limited in what he can do, mostly just light related. He can burst large flashes of light from his wings to stun people, or concentrate it into a laser-like burst to harm people. Neither are very strong, but can do plenty of damage to small life-forms or start fires/ruin electronics.


Shunned from his own species for his behavior (an impressive feat given how little his species cares about delinquent behavior) Hale wanders throughout the galaxy, often taking assassination jobs for money. Known around many planets for his behavior and habit of creating cults, there are not many places he's welcome (alone at least). Hired at one point to kill a "Mary", the attempt instead results in his partnering up with her, in exchange for a cut of the money from the job she was currently on. He decides sticking around is worth it, for now at least.


Just like he always has, Hale usually wanders around the galaxy aimlessly. Taking assassination jobs and being the galaxy's worst 'influencer'. He could easily use his knowledge for good, or even simply be an inventor, but he doesn't want to. He only uses his knowledge for himself. One day he's given a job to kill "Mary-Anne Cassia", another hitman who unsurprisingly had made some enemies. After tracking her down, the two fought for a good while, but when she managed to overwhelm him, they struck a deal, Mary offering a chunk of the money from her job, more than Hale wouldve gotten for his, if Hale would forget he ever took his job in the first place and let her live. Hale agreed, and tags along to where Mary has to go to get her payment. He decides to force himself into the group with Mary and Puss afterward though, refusing to leave, Puss is not happy, neither is Mary, but Mary allows Hale to stick around if he's willing to help her on future jobs. Hale makes no promises, but he usually does help.

Raised alone by his father Sagittarius, Hale-Bopp was never very well behaved. While his species didn't care about how likeable eachother were, they did care about cooperation to keep the planets they lived on functioning. Hale was good at neither behaving, nor cooperating. Despite his father's best attempts, Hale's behavior only got worse overtime. Disrupting other's jobs, graffiti, anything you could imagine a rowdy teen doing, pumped up to 11. He was often given a lot of leeway, given the importance of his father on the planet he grew up on, but eventually even Sagittarius grew sick of it. After causing a particularly bad accident to another important figure's home during his ""Teenage"" years (teen for his species), Hale was finally shunned from his home planet, and messages were sent out to the other colonies to warn them of his behavior. If Hale-Bopp had any regrets about what he did, or losing his father, he certainly didn't show it. Instead he was unleashed onto other planets now, he was now the problem of every other species in the galaxy.

While he couldn't get away with nearly as much as he used to do, he was still terrible. Making himself notorious for single-handedly making a mess of entire towns, too fast to arrest, too slippery to keep captured, and too durable to be killed by most weapons, it was very hard to stop him if he decided to show his face. Eventually the extreme chaos got boring, he still liked to ruin and break things, but he finally decided that he should save that for "special moments" instead. For the first time in a long time, he began to actually interact with people, rather than brief sentences in passing, he was now willing to engage in actual conversation. It didn't make him any less obnoxious though.

While he was finally talking to people, he was still frequently rude, making crude jokes and slinging insults frequently. Despite this, he still managed to find people who would tolerate his presence, and the rare few that would find him actually funny. As he started making "friends", he would usually stick around on a planet until the people who tolerating him either passed away, or he would simply get bored and leave. At one point thanks to simply meeting the right person, Hale began to take assassination jobs for money, he didn't really need the money, but he liked having it anyway, and the jobs were usually easy for someone like him.

His first visit to earth was one of the most impactful moments for him. He'd passed by the planet many times, but never bothered to stop by. Until one day he heard rumors that there was supposedly a cult on the planet who believed that 'he' (rather, the actual coment he was named for) was a sign for things to come. He made his way there immediately, only to discover after asking around that the cult was no more. Frustrated, it became a new fixation for him, wanting to get people to listen to any absurd thing he wanted them to. The rest of his time spent on earth involved the discovery of the internet for him, as none of his former 'friends' had internet on their planets yet, or simply were not internet people and never brought it up to him. He was instantly enamored by the concept, especially social medias, and got into it instantly. He tried stealing a phone first, only to be roadblocked by needing to pay for it to actually utilize most of it's functions. He can admit he thinks how capitalists make profit is genius, but it certainly made him annoyed this time. It still worked a bit though, as long as he could find wifi to manually connect to. He later simply created his own phone though, one better suited for his needs around the galaxy. While he overall likes earth, his experiences in "Milwaukee" (not really the normal Milwaukee, but rather some warped fucked up anomaly version of it that he was sucked into), too long and too strange to really even summarize, left him wary of the planet for a bit, but he finds humans too funny in comparison to other species to stay away for very long.

Eventually, at one point, his 'cult' plans succeeded. He'd had smaller "successes" before, but they often quickly dissipated. But this time he had it. Despite the group not having an official name, he had managed to find a village of deeply unhappy people that were desperate for some form of order, who were willing to look past Hale's..."flaws" in exchange for the genuine improvements he did make to the place. While the town itself improved, the social community did not, infighting becoming more frequent whenever Hale was unhappy with someone. At his side often was Lulin, who for whatever reason was complete infatuated and idolized him, which Hale would frequently take advantage of. Eventually though, Hale grew tired of the group, as he often did with his 'friends' and other planets, and he left without a word. Leaving Lulin behind with no reason as to why.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Power & Fame
Other's Opinions
LULIN [Right Hand Woman/"Ex"]

Practically love bombed her during his whole 'cult' thing in her hometown, before promptly leaving. He hasn't even thought about her since he left. He never considered himself as in a relationship with her, but she definitely thinks otherwise.


Originally hired to kill her, instead decided she was more fun to hang around, both because she offered him more money, actually outsmarted him, and because they agree on so much, just for wildly different reasons. They work well as teammates thanks to both of them working their best under pressure, improvising instead of planning. They tend to go about things similarly, so even when making impulsive actions they're able to work off eachother.


Too serious!!! Live a little, god!! They butt heads constantly, but Hale typically tries to just ignore him..sort of. He ignores his righteous speeches, but otherwise loves to try and bug the guy at any given moment. Teasing Puss has practically become a game at this point.

SAMIEL [Annoying]

Shut up old man.

ROBERTO [Annoying]

Shut up edge boy.

WINTER [Neutral]

Hale has practically no opinion on Winter. She's nice. Hale recognizes that everyone else likes her, so he's willing to leave her alone. That's about it.


Okay, maybe he misses his dad a little bit. But in the long run, Hale-Bopp is much happier being free from any responsibility within his species, and so for the most part, he hasn't thought about him in years.