Judgemental - Prideful - Noble
Name Danyel Mewette
Nickname Puss in Boots
Age ~820 years
Birthday June 13th
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Species Cat(?)
Breed Dom. Shorthair
Orient. Bisexual
Height 2'6" (Bipedal)
Build Lil Pudgy
Alignment Chaotic Good
Role Former Prince
Location In Space
Status Alive
Theme [Hunters]
Yes yes the fairytale, that's me, the one and only!


Puss in Boots is...well, he's a living legend. Or used to be, that is. While for awhile his name was known in lots of places, nowadays the only place that really remembers his story is Earth, and even then, it's not exactly his actual story people remember.

Originally royalty, he was set to be the next king in line, despite being the youngest child, because of his ability; luck follows him wherever he goes. He never did become king though, instead having run away from the kingdom with his twin brother, leaving their parents and other littermates behind, until eventually they split up and went seperate ways, and Puss instead continued journeying around the galaxy on his own.

Now, he's the second member of the group that Mary's accidentally created. While he doesn't partake in the whole 'assassin' business, he can at least look past it enough to stay with the group. Instead he helps in other ways, like keeping the spaceship clean or seeking out other ways to make money when possible. Though just because he doesn't partake in the group's main job, that's not to say he's exactly the most moral person either, he used to be, but over time he's become both cynical yet optimistic at the same time. It isn't the killing or violence he has a problem with, he's certainly attacked his own fair share of people, he's just very odd with his judgements of others.

Height:2'6" on Hind Legs Eyes:Green
Build:Fit but pudgy Skin:Grey
Fur Style:Short/Straight Fur Color:Black/White
  • Anatomically, his two forms aren't different, it's more so just that he tends to summon his outfit when he stands upright
  • His front paws mostly look like normal paws, except for his dew claws, which in his species are closer to the other toes and able to be used like thumbs
  • His magic is usually visible as a light blue aura around whatever he's doing with it


Puss in Boots has a very strong moral code....sometimes. He's noble, both in birthright and in quality of his personality, but once again...sometimes. He very much acts like he always does what is the morally correct action to do, but in reality he is often a hypocrite. That's not to say he isn't mostly a good person, and when he isn't he usually has the best intentions in mind still. Having the best intentions doesn't mean what he does is always good though, but if you tried to point that out to him he would find an excuse to tell you, whether it's reasoning his actions or simply doing another action that he deems good enough to 'balance it out'. The idea of not being a good person bothers him immensely, and while he knows deep inside that no person is perfect, he still has royal tendencies ingrained in him that he MUST be correct, and if he isn't then he is flawed, and that's unacceptable.

He believes that most people are inherently good, but that sometimes certain people are too far gone to reliably change, they may be better than before, but never 'good'. He considers himself a good judge of people's character, even at a glance, and he is often right, but also tends to make extra assumptions or generalizations that may be less true. Those he deems worthy of his help, he will often assist in some form using his luck and his skill. His assistance can vary from grand plans of helping people from rags to riches, simply just playing therapist to help someone feel better, or just small acts of kindness. Despite his thoughts that most people are good, he is still very judgemental about the actions people choose to take. You could be his best friend in the world, he would still nitpick you for something as small as forgetting to say please or thank you.

Thanks to his ability of luck, he is very confident that most things will work out for him. He is very aware of his own power and how it works, which is that he can sense the luck that radiates off of objects, on certain days, and more. Everything in the universe carries energy, which affects its luck. Puss himself is lucky just by existing, but that luck can be cancelled out by other things in the vicinity, all he does is make the odds better, not ensure that everyone's lucky. Because of this he is aware that he cannot rely on JUST his luck, and so he instead utilizes the fact he can sense luck to plan instead, relying on his skills and planning, just with the knowledge that luck is on his side.


  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Adventure
  • Praise
  • Gold


  • Liars
  • Mice
  • Foxes
  • Dirty Places
  • Unlucky items


  • Noble
  • Intelligent
  • Prideful
  • Judgemental
  • Empathetic


  • Originally inspired by the cut content character of the same name from Lobotomy Corp, who was cut early on and had nothing but an image and flavor text. Everything beyond his fur pattern (outfit, personality, backstory) is by me.
  • Also based on both the original Puss in Boots story as well as various 'lucky cat' myths and superstitions around the world.
  • He has ability in magic, but his skills in it are very limited. The extent of his magic is being able to store and summon items in a little pocket dimension, and some telekinises. His telekinises abilities are limited to his own strength though, he cannot lift something with magic that he could not lift himself. He can 'store away' heavier items into the pocket dimension, but its MUCH harder to get them back out, and often blocks the way of accessing the other items in there.
  • He is very skilled in swordfighting as well as fencing, aided by the fact that he can use his magic to fight while keeping himself at a safe distance.
  • While he can often be insufferable when he's being a stickler for rules, he knows how to appeal to people and is able to work with people well enough to negotiate things if needed


Raised as royalty and next in line for king despite being the youngest of 4 siblings for reasons unknown to him, Danyel begins excited but quickly gets stressed, eventually running away with his twin brother Dexter. During their travels, they meet a possum named Bailey who joins them. Bailey & Dexter quickly fall in love. When an attempt of vigilantism on Danyel's part goes terribly wrong, resulting in Bailey's death, the two brothers split apart. Left to his own devices, Danyel goes back to his old ways, and becomes 'Puss in Boots'


In the present, Puss in Boots simply wanders throughout the galaxy. Being a cat, he can access the parallel easily, making travel much easier for the most part. He still opts to use spaceships at times though, mainly for fun, but he would never admit it as the reason, instead saying it's to keep his 'flying skills sharp'. Upon trying to steal a ship that had seemingly been abandoned (or at least very unguarded), as it had been sitting in the same spot for nearly a month, Puss decided to break in and steal it. His plan had been to wait for an hour, hidden in the ship, to see if anyone returned first (and if they had returned, he could've at least hitched a ride if he stayed hidden). During his 'waiting period' however, another person had the same thought as him, but without the patience. After a rough takeoff, and a little staring from the shadows, Puss determined this couldn't have been the owner and chose to reveal himself. The other hijacker eventually introducing herself as Mary, and begrudgingly let Puss join along with what she was doing.

Danyel grew up as royalty, with 4 other siblings, one of them being his twin Dexter. Because of outside advice given in secret to his parents, related to his ability around luck, Danyel was set to be next in line as king, despite him and Dexter being the youngest. He never knew why, and while excited at first with big plans for the future, the expectations began to set in overtime, leading to anxiety with his older siblings. While he knew his sisters held no grudge, since neither were the oldest, his eldest brother Lyman was harder to read. While he figured it was unlikely for Lyman to hold any grudge, he was always very kind, Danyel could never feel certain whether that kindness was only outwardly or not. Alongside realizations of just how much responsibility a whole kingdom was as he began to reach adulthood, realizing that enacting his teenage plans of fixing the kingdom may be far harder than anticipated, his anxiety began to grow and grow.

During the height of his anxiety, his twin Dexter revealed plans of running away to become a musician instead, dissatisified with being a prince. In the spur of the moment, Danyel chose to go with him, and they left later that week. The two wandered as a duo for awhile, Dexter making them pocket change with street performances, and Danyel getting very into vigilantism, even becoming a small hero in some towns. The two met a possum name Bailey on their journeys, and Bailey and Dexter quickly grew close and eventually got together.

Initially, Bailey would often help with Danyel's vigilante plans, but with another person to care about now, Dexter expressed concern for Danyel's increasing attempts at 'justice', fearing the day that they would eventually mess with the wrong people, that Danyel's luck could only go so far. While Dexter convinced Bailey to drop the heroics, Danyel ignored his concerns and continued, but eventually Dexter's fears came true, and a group that Danyel had attempted to 'robin hood' found their camp and killed Bailey silently in the night, leaving Danyel and Dexter unharmed, but the message clear. Dexter, overtaken by grief, completely shut Danyel out for weeks until eventually snapping at him and leaving Danyel alone, splitting paths.

Without Dexter, Danyel no longer had anyone to care about but himself, and went back to his old ways shortly after, eventually becoming the 'Puss in Boots' he is known for now. Choosing to help people still, in whatever way seems most efficient, manipulative or not, as long as he believes the end result will make up for any misdeeds.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Other's Opinions

There's something fucking wrong with this girl, and Puss is going to find out what it is even if it takes forever. He can't decide if he likes Mary or hates her, something about her just feels wrong, very wrong, like there's things she's hiding from him. But at the same time, despite the fact she can be...annoying sometimes, he's enjoyed being in her presence. If only she'd just talk for once instead of avoiding his questions!

HALE-BOPP [Enemy???]

He cannot stand him. Please, please Hale, shut the fuck up for once. Despite how much Puss may despise Hale though, he still can't bring himself to completely dismiss the guy (not to say he hasn't tried though)

SAMIEL [Heavily Dislikes]

Puss wants to see the good in people, he really does, even people like Hale-Bopp, but everything he learns about Samiel just makes him sound worse and worse, he's starting to wonder if there even is any good qualities in Samiel beyond his skills.

ROBERTO [Friendly Acquaintances]

He doesn't like his attitude or his ""secret"" drug issues, but he can tell that Roberto isn't a bad person on the inside, he's just a bit...prickly. He tries to offer help when he can, but it's hard when Roberto typically assumes that Puss is trying to act like he's better than him.

WINTER [Friend]

Who doesn't love Winter?! What a sweetheart with a heart of gold. If only everybody could be like her!


His twin brother. Things are complicated. Puss still has fond memories and feelings for his brother, especially of when they we're travelling together, but they went seperate ways on bad terms. If only he knew where he went off to so he could say sorry. ..Or 'attempt' to at least.