Irritable - Closed Off - Depressed
Name Roberto Yun-Capo
Nickname HATES nicknames
Age 27
Birthday July 2nd
Gender Man
Pronouns He/Him
Species Earth Human
Race Korean-Italian
Orient. Gay
Height 5'6"
Build Average
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Role "That Guy"
Location In Space
Status Alive
Theme [Chinese Tattoo]
Can you knock that shit off for once?!


Formerly coworkers with Winter, acting as her superior on a research ship with questionable company actions. After an accident, the ship crashlanded on another planet, leaving him and Winter stranded until they were found by Mary's group.

While the company he worked for was absolutely taking advantage of people like him and Winter, he's still used to being the captain of that specific ship and the power that came with it, as a result he struggles with his place on the new ship with Mary and the others. Especially considering that Mary does not seem to be a big fan of him whatsoever, often personally antagonizing him.

In the groups 'escapades' Roberto usually prefers not to take part, but occasionally is dragged along by Mary to purposefully irritate him, or by Samiel/Hale-Bopp when an extra person is required for a plan. When not forced to come along, he usually goes out and hangs out in the cities they land by, talking to strangers and sometimes gambling.

Height:5'6" Eyes:Brown
Build:Average Complexion:Light Brown
Hair Style:Bird's Nest Hair Color:Black
  • Has a single mole on his right (your left) cheek, right under the outer corner of his eye.
  • Always looks exhausted, even when happy, which is rare as is.
  • Also enjoys wearing that sort of '2000s emo boy' aesthetic, but is usually too embarassed to.


Roberto has always been a very closed off person, but prone to moments of sudden oversharing. It's not unusual for him for be very stand-offish for months on end, only to suddenly spill out a buildup of bottled feelings during any sort of even slightly private moment. It's a bad habit, especially when he has anger problems that often present themself more often the more he bottles things.

Despite how often he snaps at people, he truly does want to look out for most people, often doing selfless acts but framing them as though selfish in a misguided attempt to avoid feeling vulnerable or somehow losing respect for "going soft", a thought very much ingrained in him since he was young. Unfortunately many believe the 'selfish' act and view him negatively.

While he insists on pushing everybody around him away, he still longs for positive attention, the two things obviously clash. Despite his best efforts, he struggles to quit those habits and always ends up in crowds or jobs that make his mental state even worse. Being around Winter helps, but the negativity of the rest of the group and the nagging of Puss often cancel it out.


  • Chinese Mythos
  • Italian Food
  • Rats
  • "Vintage" 2000s Internet Culture


  • Dragons/Lizards
  • Mary
  • Repeating Himself
  • Nicknames


  • Irritable
  • Closed Off
  • Depressed
  • Bossy
  • Quietly Kind


  • [VOICE CLAIM] (With a little more of an Italian inflection on some words and a little bit of a Korean inflection on others. But overall like the song.)
  • Despises nicknames directed toward him in general, he doesn't even like his name simply being shortened to 'Rob', but he particularly hates any sort of variation of "Bob" and things like "Boberto" especially set him off.
  • Roberto is very removed from any actual Korean culture, it was simply never discussed in his household and his mother wasn't particularly itching to teach him either. He mostly only knows some italian culture, but even then he tends to ignore on the basis of wanting no association with his parents anymore. He'll usually say he feels a stronger connection to things like chinese mythology anyway, though he does sometimes think about if things had gone differently.
  • Heavily reliant on weed to get through most days. At his worst moments he sometimes has alcohol and cigarette problems as well. He's willing to try most things at least once, as long as it doesn't involve needles, but usually hates himself afterward.
  • Despite the modern year being nearly 330 years in the future from the 2020s, lots of internet history from back in the 2000s is still available online, with plenty of niche historians talking about the goofier parts of the internet back then. Roberto absolutely loves hearing about this era, and finds the early internet era up to the 2020's fascinating. It's mostly an interest that he keeps to himself, but it slips out sometimes.


Born to two abusive parents in a toxic relationship of their own, home life was never great. At age 17 he finally decided that anything was better than that house and ran off. After being homeless for awhile and scrounging for money and staying over at other's homes, he was eventually swept up in the same predatory research job that Winter would later end up in. 20 years old by then, he went up the ranks fairly quickly, being Captain of a whole ship by age 22. 5 years later the ship crashes, stranded until him and Winter are rescued by Mary's group.


Being the only 2 left after the crash, Winter and Roberto were left to figure out how to survive, something that their fallen coworker knew how to do far better than they did. The two were worried that they would not last much longer, while Roberto was convinced they were going to die, Winter kept hope that they could at least find a way to survive, but luck was on their side, and after 2 months of being stranded, another ship landed on the planet. While Roberto was suspicious, Winter ran right over as the strangers came out of the ship; A human girl, two cats, one black and one pink, and a tall black jackal with antlers. She begged that they rescue them and at first the Jackal was insisting 'no', scaring Winter so bad that she just kept begging. Eventually the black cat gave the others an angry look and insisted that they at least brought them back to civilization, and the other human agreed and insisted as well, and so Winter and Roberto were saved, and the others introduced themselves as Mary, Puss in Boots, Hale-Bopp, and "Mitternacht Freisch├╝tze". By the time they reached civilization again though, Mary and Puss had gotten attached to Winter's company, and Winter insisted that Roberto stay too, despite him still being very suspicious of the group, Winter liked them, and he stuck around to watch over her.

Roberto was raised in..well..a shithole. The neighborhood he was in was very poor, crime was rampant, among many other problems. His parents had a horrible relationship, but refused to divorce, mainly for financial reasons as the two together could barely afford their tiny apartment as is, even with both of them working long hours. Their problems often being redirected toward him if he happened to be too close to the 'splash zone'. His dad was more physical with his abuse, and often degrading, while his Mother was more psychological and usually would get completely wasted and walk into Roberto's room just to scream about his father to him. Because of the home situation, Roberto would usually escape by visiting the library, which had some of the few working computers and internet connections in the whole town. While they'd often get stolen, the library was determined to make sure internet was available to the neighborhood. He would often go straight to the library after school and stay away from home for days, postponing the consequences of when he'd have to eventually go home. Around 15 he started smoking pot, and after his 16th birthday, someone at school who held a grudge for Roberto having embarassed them after they attempted to push him around, starting spreading rumors about his sexuality. Around the school he didn't care, he never spoke to anyone anyway, and it hardly made a difference in how much he was picked on. But at some point the rumors reached his parents ears, and his home life continued to get even worse, his theoretical 'homosexuality' being the last straw. After a year of dealing with the carnage from his parents unleashed by an unknowing and ignorant peer, Roberto could no longer take it and ran away from home.

Roberto lived homeless for awhile, scavenging for change, exchanging anything he could find for more money, and often befriending anyone who would let him stay over at their place for a few days. He made some friends during this time, but never any close or true ones. He'd tried getting jobs before, but without a high school degree and his clearly dirty appearance, it was very hard to get hired, and when he was, he would often be fired quickly for his anger problems or showing up late. Eventually after he turned 20, he was given a tip from one of his 'friends' about a place that would hire practically anybody, and against his better judgement he decided to try his luck there. He was hired of course, and brought onto one of the large spaceships owned by the company. His job was explained to him, very straightforwardly, that he was to be researching and taking care of abnormal, anomalous, or straight up dangerous creatures and objects. While unhappy with the result of this job, Roberto still fit in quickly. It was impossible to be late when the alarms made sure no one could oversleep, and no one with any real power over him cared about his anger problems. He did his job well, and was surprisingly obedient, mainly because it wasn't like he could do anything else, leaving the ship wasn't an option.

With his high performance and obedience, Roberto was promoted to the ship captain after only 2 years there. Granted, the former captain had died in an awful accident, which certainly sped up the process. Roberto was a strict team captain, but he knew how to avoid accidents, and surely enough the rate of accidents on the ship went down overtime as he led the team. Most on the ship respected his authority and ability to keep things in line, but few liked him as a person, he was still as angry and reserved as always, and very few were spared of his rude remarks. Despite his outward demeanor, he didn't take any pleasure from seeing his coworkers struggling or unhappy, and would often take over tasks for the more 'anomalously' unpleasant jobs, under the act of claiming that people weren't doing it correctly and that he'd "do it himself if they couldnt get it right". Some recognize what he's really doing, others can't see past the facade and view it as another reason to dislike him. The most prime example being a braclet similar to the yin symbol. As compared to it's yang necklace counterpart, which was also stored on the ship, the yin bracelet had mostly negative effects. It would drain positive emotion from most who interacted with it for an extended time, and when the bracelet had to be cleaned regularly, this often left people in terrible moods, some very depressed or bitter for days if they had to work with it multiple times in a row. Because of all the complaints, Roberto chose to simply take up the cleaning job himself, suffering similar consequences which didn't help his attitude, but no one else had to feel drained by it anymore.

About a year after his promotion, more members were brought to the team, Winter being among them. At first Roberto and Winter didn't entirely get along, Roberto mostly being frustrated at Winter's lack of seemingly any useful skills, so he sent her to do the easiest or simply repetitive tasks. He also allowed her use of the yang necklace, which made some of the harder tasks easier for her to do, just as long as she told him whenever she used it, since the two pieces of jewelery were dangerous to have out of their cases at the same time.

Eventually after a year since Winter joined, the former employee who worked the greenhouse had died. With the greenhouse being their main source of food, and seemingly no one else who knew how to handle the plants on board, the crew started becoming worried. Winter told Roberto that she knew how to farm, and while he was frustrated that she'd never brought this up beforehand, he swapped her job from the TV channel to working the greenhouse, but still gave her other odd jobs occassionally. 2 years later, Winter told Roberto ahead of time that she would using the necklace at a certain time tomorrow, which he agreed to. The next day however, Roberto had expected her to still contact him before doing it, when she never did, combined with Roberto being exhausted that day, he took out the yin bracelet without thinking and almost immediately the two pieces of jewelrey gravitated toward the other and once fused, released a dragon that wreaked havoc on the ship.

The ship's systems were breaking now, and thanks to the quick wit of another employee, the ship was steered toward a planet in an attempt to land and it seemed like they would succeed, but it backfired as the ship began to crash instead. Winter and Roberto woke up hours later, Roberto hardly injured beyond some heavy bruising, Winter had it worse with a dislocated arm and several large cuts, luckily none anywhere vital. Roberto had gone looking for survivors, and found Winter first, helping her up as they both continued to search. They found one other person, the ship's nurse, but he was very injured. The two helped him outside and he tried to advise them how to help, and sent Roberto to find a medical kit if possible while he popped Winter's arm back into place. With his guidance Winter and Roberto were able to keep him alive for 2 weeks, but he eventually succumbed to an infection that simply kept getting worse no matter what.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Other's Opinions
WINTER [Friend]

While Roberto really doesn't know much about Winter personally, he still considers her a friend and looks out for her. She was very clearly tricked into the job on the ship, could easily have gotten hurt, and Roberto wanted to make sure that didn't happen. Not to say he hasn't been rude to her too, he absolutely has, but Winter often forgives him for it. He sticks around on the current ship mostly because he doesn't trust the rest of the group to look after her if he was gone.


Seriously fuck this girl. Roberto cannot stand her, he hates that she takes every moment to rub her 'leadership' in his face, he hates her voice, her stupid pigtails, all of it. He would've left the ship a long time ago because of her if it wasn't for the fact that Winter wanted him to stick around.

PUSS IN BOOTS [Acquaintance]

Roberto doesn't have any real opinion on Puss. He's fine with his presence, Puss doesn't usually mock or push Roberto around like Hale and Mary do, and isn't entirely cold like Samiel is. But Roberto does hate how often he'll nag him about his 'marijuana' issue, and often tries to pry him about personal topics like he does to most of the group. When Puss is being quiet or doing anything but that however, Roberto doesn't mind his company.

HALE-BOPP [He's going to punt that fucker]


SAMIEL [Neutral]

This guy just sort of gives Roberto the creeps. But he's also the only other one on the ship who smokes, and he's silent usually, so sometimes on bad days Roberto will simply hang out in the cargo bay with him, smoking the stronger plants that Samiel has from various places. It is almost always a bad trip with this guy, but he does it anyway everytime.


The two met by chance at FELIS SUPERNOVAE (The largest club on Lynxon, and one of the most popular in the galaxy, owned by Nova, Coin, and Maggot.) Roberto had not wanted to accompany a group mission, and insisted that he stay in a room at the club while they were out doing missions, one of the few times he willingly left Winter alone with the group. While the others were out for months, Roberto practically made the club his second home, which given how large it was, it may as well have been a whole neighborhood. Given Curious was a frequent visitor and often sat in the same place at the same time everyday, it was a matter of time before they met. The two hit it off rather well, both of them enjoying having someone to talk to and drink with. Over the months the two became close, but Roberto currently has lost contact with him, always managing to miss him everytime the group returns to the club. Roberto considers him a friend, but he's not so sure. He hopes he'll find him again at some point and get a way to keep in contact with him next time.