Exhausted - Serious - Bored
Name Sagittarius
Nickname N/A
Age Unknown (Mid)
Birthday Unknown
Gender N/A
Pronouns He/Him
Species "Comet Cat"
Orient. Heterosexual
Height 11'0"
Build Skinny
Align. True Neutral
Job Colony Leader
Sagittarius is the leader of a small colony on the dwarf planet Eris within Earth's Solar System. He takes his job very seriously despite having no enjoyment whatsoever in it. He's rather distant from others, his son, Hale-Bopp, having been the only exception for awhile until he later couldn't handle his horrendously bad behavior any longer.
- Despite being the colony's leader, his colony is more akin to a large city rather than a country like most larger colonies. It's often used as a pitstop between colonies for travellers.
- His main job is to keep the city aspects running smoothly, as well as sending groups to gather resources from the other planets within the solar system. These materials are used for their colony first, and the excess is sent off to whoever buys it (usually other comet cat colonies).
- Named after the Sagittarius A* black hole.
- Has absolutely no clue who Hale-Bopp's mother is. He was born from a random fling and was just left outside of his home as a young child who only recently began learning how to speak along with a note saying "It's your kid, and your problem now". He quickly found out why the mother no longer wanted him.
HALE-BOPP [Disowned Son]
Sagittarius once had big hopes for his son, well. Those were quickly shattered is the easiest way to put it.