Cold - Violent - Stubborn
Name Samiel
Nickname Freischütze/"Frei"
Age ~600 years
Birthday Forgotten
Gender Man
Pronouns He/Him
Species 'Demon'
Race N/A
Orient. Bisexual
Height 8'0"
Build Fit
Alignment Neutral Evil
Role Ship Owner/Hitman
Location Space
Status Alive
Theme [Long Long Time Ago]
You're only alive because you're useful.


An infamous name across multiple galaxies, Samiel is usually better known as various nicknames across the galaxy, but most commonly as "Mitternacht Freischütze" or, on Earth where he hails from; "Der Freischütz". Once human, Samiel was a very prolific hunter. After a deal with the devil that eventually led to him believing he had to kill his loved ones to spare them, including his wife, he isolated himself for a very long time. Over the years he began to transform into how he looks now, and considers himself a demon. With nothing left, he chose to embrace that role. He travels across galaxies doing whatever he pleases, in some places he's a hero, in others he's a name only whispered out of fear. After leaving his ship in the wrong place at the wrong time, he eventually returns to find that a group of 3 strange people have made themselves at home. After a long period of irritation, he eventually relents and allows them to stay in the ship with him, given they don't 'do anything stupid' and continue to be useful.

Height:8'0" Eyes:White, No pupils
Build:Lean muscle Complexion:Jet black
Hair Style:None Fur Color:Jet black
  • Gun reference can be seen on this sheet
  • Under his hat are two small ears shaped like upside-down triangles. Under his jackets he has a small rabbit-like tail.
  • No neck, his head floats. It can be taken away from his body, but it typically just zips back into place like a very strong magnet if it's not stuck or actively being held by someone
  • Mouth is almost always invisible unless it's open. Rarely it can be seen, but he normally only emotes with his eyes
  • His boots are essentially fused to his feet and he cannot take them off. He can change pants, but the shadows will always creep up and be visible if the pants fall anywhere below his calves.
  • His portals look similar to that of the Lobotomy Corp character he was inspired by. But much brighter and emit more light/appear a little more solid rather than just lines [REF HERE]


Samiel is extremely shut off from others. He's very good at controlling his emotions, and typically uses this skill to completely cut himself off emotionally from other people. He tries to view everything from a "logical" standpoint. This isn't to say emotions don't get in the way of his descision making, they absolutely still do. But typically those emotions that influence him are of anger, annoyance, or selfishness. He is blunt, rude, and quick to get violent.

He has very little care for what happens to those around him as long as his own goal or job isn't affected by it. He is not incapable of being kind, but it too is often out of some ulterior motive unless he is simply in a good mood that day. The only thing he truly allows himself to care about anymore is the isolated unknown planet that he's chosen to make his home on. It is the only place he allows himself to feel, but even then only a little.

Most of his energy is directed toward keeping himself entertained somehow, usually through hunting of all forms. He has always enjoyed hunting animals, but as a 'demon' he has taken a liking to the thrill of "hunting" sapient creatures as well, which led him into becoming a galaxy-wide hitman. He enjoys taking on the harder jobs, which often leads him to taking out other well known outlaws or extremely significant political figures despite his complete lack of interest in politics whatsoever. He has no interest in justice, or even the money really (it's just handy to have plenty of extra money to repair/modify his ship), he's just in it for a challenge.

When he does care about someone, he is very silent about it. It practically only rears it's head in the form of being more protective of the person and keeping them out of danger or handling things for them. But he still tends to speak and treat them exactly the same as he did before otherwise.


  • Venison
  • Hunting
  • Sex
  • Smoking
  • Woodworking


  • Being open
  • Most candy
  • Gods
  • Politics
  • People


  • Cold
  • Violent
  • Stubborn
  • Observant
  • Perfectionist


  • No voice claim yet. German accent, deepish voice that's a little raspy (may change).
  • Inspired by the Lobotomy Corporation character 'Der Freischütz' as well as the german play of the same name (more loosely).
  • In his canon, the german play that he shares a nickname with is completely unrelated to him. He was simply inspired by it's surprising similarity to himself and adopted the 'Freischütz' nickname. Partially influenced by those who were afraid of him during the time period already calling him by that as well.
  • His perfect aim is innate thanks to the devil deal, but being a perfectionist he's learned how to manipulate portal magic in depth to further assist his shots, since his aim is only a guaranteed hit overall, not a guaranteed hit exactly where he wants it to be, sometimes the hit will simply be a limb. This makes it not exactly perfect, but with his portal skills it becomes near perfect.
  • His skill with these portals is extensive, and he can summon them across extremely large distances, as long as he can visualize the exact location he wants them to go. While he originally learned to assist his shots, he also frequently uses them to travel in place of his ship. His ship is mainly used as a hub or to travel to locations he hasn't been to yet. This means it's frequently left behind on random planets until he eventually teleports back to it. If he finds intruders they're normally scared off or shot. Mary, Puss, and Hale-bopp simply happened to catch him in a better mood when he found them and he allowed them to stay.
  • He does not keep anything personal that he truly cares about inside his ship because of his habit to leave it abandoned for long periods of time. Anything he cares about is kept inside a small log cabin that he lives in on an isolated planet with no people that only he is aware of (as far as he knows). He is very protective of this planet and the wildlife on it. He will not allow anyone to hunt or harm the wildlife there other than himself, and even he is very particular about making sure he does not ever hunt anything without reason to. Other planets are fair game to him to hunt things for sport, but this planet is special.
  • His gun follows the same rules as his game/play counterparts. Every 7th bullet is out of his control and will hit a random target near him. Those he has an emotional connection with are often at a slightly higher risk of becoming the random target. He attempts to remedy this by never allowing himself to care for others + shooting the 7th bullet on isolated planets that are either barren or have nothing but non-sapient creatures. He keeps very careful track of his bullets.
  • Was more attracted to women when he was still human, over time has leaned more toward a masculine preference.
  • Known for being one of the few hitmen that will take nearly any job and very rarely fail. He accepts both money and favors as payment, and he has no qualms with harming women or children, but he does demand extremely high prices or a favor that he deems of equal value to harm or kill a child. He takes all of these favors very seriously, and often tends to either kill or severely injure those who cannot keep up their end of the deal, leading many to compare his jobs as 'deals with the devil' as well. He is very cruel about the favor rule if it involves a child. If he kills a child for a job and the other party refuses or cannot keep up their end of the deal, Samiel finds a way to make sure they suffer in return.


Born on Earth during the 1750s in what would later become modern Germany, Samiel lived fairly normally with his wife and made a living off being an extremely skilled hunter. Eventually word of his skills began to spread, temporarily blinded by the promise of fame, he made a deal with the devil to improve his skill even further. When only told afterward that his 7th bullets would kill those he loved, he elected to kill them all himself first in their sleep to spare them. He has since travelled completely alone throughout the galaxy.







Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Power or Fame
Other's Opinions
PUSS IN BOOTS [Annoyance]

Samiel would normally have no opinion on someone like Puss, but the fact he is often the target of the cats morality rants makes him very irritating. Not to mention how much the stupid creature talks about politics whenever he gets a chance.


He kind of hates this guy honestly. But he's willing to tolerate his presence because he's extremely useful on jobs, incredibly smart, and he can appreciate the cat's variety of skills and talents. He just wishes he would learn when to shut the fuck up.


He has no strong opinions on Mary. He finds her useful to have around, she's funny sometimes (when he isn't the target of the jokes that is), and she's surprisingly good at keeping everyone else in line. They butt heads sometimes over leadership, but he's more willing to give control to her since she's proven herself capable. Just as long as he gets a say in what happens.

ROBERTO [Neutral/Smoke Buddy]

He doesn't really know much about the guy. He's annoying sometimes, and has a tendency to come over begging for a hit of whatever Samiel is smoking at the time, but Samiel doesn't really mind that too much. The two usually smoke in the cargo bay of the ship in silence. They've had some talks, but he isn't particularly keen on wanting to know Roberto personally in any form beyond some curiosity.


Winter gives him the same vibes as a little animal. That's probably the closest to a positive emotion he'd allow himself to feel toward another person these days. She's like a sad little puppy in his eyes. He doesn't actively care about her at all, but he's a bit gentler around her.