Soft-Spoken - Helpful - Polite
Name Summer Adams
Nickname Winter
Age 29
Birthday February 29th
Gender Girl
Pronouns She/Her
Species Earth Human
Race White (Canadian)
Orient. Bisexual
Height 5'10"
Build Fit
Alignment Neutral Good
Role Farmer
Location In Space
Status Alive
Theme [Yeoman]
What? I'm not frail!


Part of the same group that Roberto formerly ran, before the two were stranded on another planet, being the only two survivors of their spaceship's crash. Roberto and Winter were found by Mary's group and taken in, and have been the newest members of the group since then.

Winter stands out compared to the others for multiple reasons, the most obvious one being; what the hell is someone so kind and sweet doing with this group of assholes? While most the group is killing and stealing for money (Minus Puss, but he still has is own fair set of flaws), she would never even dream of hurting someone on purpose. A lot of her interaction with most of the group is ignoring their jobs, though her presence does influence the type of jobs the others take, in the sense that since the group's become attached to her, they focus more on jobs that are more morally justifiable instead of accepting any job given to them (Though, this only counts for group jobs really, plenty of the group still does whatever solo jobs they want to)

Originally, both in Roberto's group and Mary's, she was originally thought to not be much help for anything, she wants to help, and she's great at helping out with little tasks that anybody could do, but for most things she's not the brightest, her presence is mostly just nice for everybody, she's always kind even if she might not really approve of everyone's 'job'. However she does have one particular thing she was very good at, that being farming. She may not know how plants work very well on a scientific level, but she's got a great talent for being able to learn how to keep most plants alive and healthy, which was great when Roberto first learned it, because their ship had a greenhouse that up until her joining had gone unused. However on Mary/Samiel's ship, there is no greenhouse, so she mostly just helps forage on planets usually if they ever need to.

Height:5'10" Eyes:Rose/Burgundy
Build:Some muscle Complexion:Pale/Freckled
Hair Style:Organized Mess Hair Color:Dusty Blue
  • Can be drawn in any outfit, usually dresses in yellows and blues and has some kind of jacket. Usually doesn't wear hoodie-jackets but she can still be drawn in them.
  • Her eyes are both the same, the lighter one is just stylistic and covered by the hair
  • Does 'raptor hands' a lot, she doesn't hold her hands super high up though.
  • Always tends to stand either really stiffly straight or sort of curled in on herself (arms crossed, hunched slightly) when around large groups of people.


Winter is probably one of the nicest people you could meet. She always tries to see the best in everyone, even when they're not all that great (with some reasonable exceptions).
Winter loves to help out in any way she can, which unfortunately usually isn't very many ways beyond farming and just being positive, but considering the others in the group she's in, some positivity is honestly what they need.

Alongside just being kind in general, Winter is a very curious person and loves to ask questions to everybody about anything, and she usually can remember! Or at least remember the gist of it, her memory fluctuates, which is why even though she can remember most stuff, she's not the best for needing to recall specifics. Luckily, she enjoys writing things down as well, which is much more helpful than her memory, but she typically forgets to check her notes or can't find what she wrote when it's actually needed.


  • Plants
  • Bugs
  • Cute Things
  • Asking Questions
  • Yellow


  • Hurting People
  • Snakes
  • Broccoli
  • Being looked down on


  • Softspoken
  • Polite
  • Curious
  • Forgiving
  • Awkward


  • Has Tinnitus from working with the TV Channel on her previous ship
  • Winter is great at gardening and farming, having grown up on a farm and all. She's great at figuring out what plants need, even ones she may have never encountered before. While she's great at it, she cannot explain it very well, which makes it hard for her to teach the same skills to other people
  • Winter likes to take notes on everything, when she remembers to that is. Her notes, while often written verbatim from what she hears, are in messy handwriting, disorganized, and littered with doodles everywhere as well, along with random thoughts. Her notebooks are basically diaries, sketchbooks, and notes all in one, making them hard to read. She is not very protective of the notebook and will usually let anybody look at her notes, drawings, and even the personal entries, anything super personal she has a different notebook for.


Growing up in the middle of nowhere, Winter's 'friends' for most of her life were simply her parents, farm animals, and books. Eventually at age 26, Winter decides to leave the farm and head to the city, despite her parent's concerns. Being naive, she accepts a predatory job, leading to her working on the same 'research' ship that Roberto worked at. With no real way to quit she had to stay. After an accident caused by both Roberto and her, the ship crashed on an isolated planet, left to fend for themselves until they were found and rescued by Mary's group.


Now being the only 2 left Winter and Roberto were left to figure out how to survive, something that their fallen coworker knew how to do far better than they did. The two were worried that they would not last much longer, while Roberto was convinced they were going to die, Winter kept hope that they could at least find a way to survive, but luck was on their side, and after 2 months of being stranded, another ship landed on the planet. While Roberto was suspicious, Winter ran right over as the strangers came out of the ship; A human girl, two cats, one black and one pink, and a tall black jackal with antlers. She begged that they rescue them and at first the Jackal was insisting 'no', scaring Winter so bad that she just kept begging. Eventually the black cat gave the others an angry look and insisted that they at least brought them back to civilization, and the other human agreed and insisted as well, and so Winter and Roberto were saved, and the others introduced themselves as Mary, Puss in Boots, Hale-Bopp, and "Mitternacht Freisch├╝tze". By the time they reached civilization again though, Mary and Puss had gotten attached to Winter's company, and Winter insisted that Roberto stay too, despite his adversity with actually interacting with the group, he didn't try to leave when Winter insisted he stay, and so they did.

Winter grew up on a farm with her mother and father in the middle of nowhere. The closest city was nearly an hour away by car, and the family only had one very run down car, it was saved only for the days when the family would go to sell their harvest, some of Winter's only times visiting the city besides her birthday (Which her parents did follow to the detail that it was leap year, meaning only on the true February 29th every 4 years). Most of these birthday visits were going to restaurants or a book store for Winter to choose a few books for her birthday. While the car could have handled more trips, the city they lived by was known for being crime heavy, and her parents were very overprotective, if it didn't matter if the crime was real or a rumor, they would not risk it. Homeschooled and nowhere near civilization, Winter's only friends were her own family, her books, and the animals on the farm. With the little electricity their home had (which basically amounted to lights, a large fridge and a landline phone),sometimes Winter would try to 'prank call' random numbers, but without any real sense of how to 'prank' people, she usually just ended up either hung up on, or in a random conversation with lonely old people.

Eventually when she was 26, Winter decided that she couldn't take the same day on loop anymore, and packed a bag with whatever she could carry that she cared about, left a goodbye note to her parents, and left in the middle of the night to trek all the way to the city. After arriving she immediately began to try and look for a job, or at least to get some cash from someone for a motel room. She walked into practically every store and company she saw, explaining her entire situation everytime and asking if she could work for them. Most of course said no, that wasn't how you'd get hired anywhere these days. Winter hadn't thought her plan through completely, and as the day went on she began to feel more and more defeated, too nervous to walk all the way back and face her parents after suddenly leaving like she did. Eventually though, she was approached by someone late in the day who pointed her toward a nearby company building, telling her who to talk to and what to say, that they would have a job for her. With no real social experience to call back on besides her fantastical books, she naively accepted and the next day did exactly what he said, getting hired by this mysterious company claiming to be doing important research, Winter was excited to be part of something important.

For her job, she was brought onto a large space ship, made to hold lots of things, living or inanimate, lots of security, and a lot of rules. Everyone on ship was responsible for the care and research of various creatures and objects with abnormal or dangerous abilities. People we're told that if they wanted to quit, now was the time. Winter chose to stay, despite feeling like something was off, she had no other job she could go to. The ship from then on was essentially their home and 'neighborhood'. Many people were new, but there were pre-existing employees on the ship as well, including the Team Captain; Roberto. Compared to the rest of the employees, Winter had very little skills, was too skittish for anything dangerous, and wasn't the best communicator. Deciding to go easy on her, Roberto assigned her to the simplest job on the ship, which was an anomalous tv channel that always played no matter where the galaxy it was, and caused sudden aggression in others when in earshot of it, despite aggression however, nobody would end up harmed. The channel consisted mostly of loud static, but occassionally would have random chopped sections of other channels from varying planets saying messages or sound effects, often apocalypse related or explosions/guns. Her job was simply to listen, time, and record down what happened on the channel. Sometimes she was also allowed to borrow a necklace with a jewel similar the yang symbol that made doing other tasks simpler and easier, like easing anxiety, the agreement being that Winter had to tell Roberto whenever she was using the necklace, because it's matching 'yin' counterpart (a bracelet) was also held on the same ship, and they could not both be out at the same time or they could be dangerous.

Eventually after a year there, the former employee who worked the greenhouse had died. With the greenhouse being their main source of food, and seemingly no one else who knew how to handle the plants on board, the crew started becoming worried. Winter told Roberto that she knew how to farm, and while he was frustrated that she'd never brought this up beforehand, he swapped her job from the TV channel to working the greenhouse, but still gave her other odd jobs occassionally. 2 years later, Winter told Roberto ahead of time that she would using the necklace at a certain time tomorrow, which he agreed to. The next day however, Roberto had expected her to still contact him before doing it, when she never did, combined with Roberto being exhausted that day, he took out the yin bracelet without thinking and almost immediately the two pieces of jewelrey gravitated toward the other and once fused, released a dragon that wreaked havoc on the ship.

The ship's systems were breaking now, and thanks to the quick wit of another employee, the ship was steered toward a planet in an attempt to land and it seemed like they would succeed, but it backfired as the ship began to crash instead. Winter and Roberto woke up hours later, Roberto hardly injured beyond some heavy bruising, Winter had it worse with a dislocated arm and several large cuts, luckily none anywhere vital. Roberto had gone looking for survivors, and found Winter first, helping her up as they both continued to search. They found one other person, the ship's nurse, but he was very injured. The two helped him outside and he tried to advise them how to help, and sent Roberto to find a medical kit if possible while he popped Winter's arm back into place. With his guidance Winter and Roberto were able to keep him alive for 2 weeks, but he eventually succumbed to an infection that simply kept getting worse no matter what.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Power or Fame
Other's Opinions

Despite the fact that Mary is... A lot of things that Winter normally wouldn't like, for some reason Winter really enjoys hanging out with her, more so than any of the others in the group. Winter usually attributes it to the fact that Mary saved her and Roberto.


Kitty :)


What is wrong with this guy.

SAMIEL [Afraid]

Winter does not like him very much. He just gives off unsettling vibes whenever he's simply around, and he's always so angry when he speaks.

ROBERTO [Former Superior]

She wishes he would relax, but she's used to listening to him on their old ship and still respects his authority, at least somewhat. She's seen him at his more vulnerable moments, though mostly by accident, and knows he at least means well for the most part, he's just...angry. and sad. Having been the other survivor of the crash also forced them to bond a little bit while trying to survive, before being found by Mary's group.