The Beginning....

09/01/2022 - 12:21 AM EST

Mood: My back hurt >:(
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Listening: Quinton Reviews' "The Scandal of Sam & Cat"

This is the first post for the blog! I actually don't really know what to put here honestly, but I feel like I have to since I've just created it and all. I guess I'll just talk about what I've been watching this entire time I've been updating the site today.

I started off watching some HasanAbi. I've been watching a LOT of him recently. He's accidentally become a hyperfixation for who knows how long it'll last. I don't like initiating conversations about politics with other people usually, I'll gladly discuss it if someone else brings it up, but I don't like to bother people unless I think it's something particularly important. But I do really find politics interesting. I don't agree with all of Hasan's opinions, but that's just life, no one ever agrees 100%. I'd say I agree with him about 80% of the time. He's great to watch though, it's very satisfying to finally watch a youtuber/streamer that mocks the police in the manner he does. It's easy to find people saying 'yeah screw cops', but it's hard to really see videos that go as far as Hasan + actually educate as well. It's very fun and also helps me put my own thoughts on the same topics into words. I have a lot of detailed thoughts but very often I struggle to put words to the thoughts, especially with politics. So it's great to have someone who's both funny and educated that I can listen to.

Today though I actually only watched 3 videos from Hasan (Yes, that's much less than I usually do. He's been in the background almost everytime I've worked on this site, for multiple hours). The rest of the time I've been working on this page I've had video essays in the background. The first one being Sarah Z's new video; "Doctor Who's Pro Life Episode". I found it interesting, but I don't have much to say on it, I agreed with all her points, but I also haven't watched Doctor Who in a long time, the last time I watched being back during the 11th doctor. Although I do think I saw the first episode of the 12th doctor at one point.

The infinitely more interesting video I've seen today would be Quinton Reviews' "The Scandal of Sam & Cat". I've seen all of his iCarly and Victorious videos so far, and this one has been just as interesting...Sort of? I'm actually still watching the video as I write this post. I think the real interesting part is just hearing the episode summaries. I never really watched Sam & Cat when I was younger beyond a few episodes, because frankly I did not like it. It's a very mediocre show compared to both Victorious and iCarly, and I was also growing out of the age range when it was released. My thoughts were only cemented upon learning more about Jeanette McCurdy's experience on Nickelodeon, and being not allowed to do anything other than Sam & Cat (among all the abuse she's dealt with overall) while Ariana Grande was given so many career opportunities, I don't blame Jeanette for being VERY frustrated with her life back then. So hearing the summaries and reviews for a show I knew vaguely about but never saw the majority of? Neat. Also the strange 'Lil Sam & Cat' side show was news to me, and bizarre. The MOST interesting part so far though has definitely been the intro of the video, which discussed the unreleased Gibby spinoff, which had it's script leaked. Full honesty? There's a reason it was never completed past a pilot and never released. BUT It still seemed far more interesting than whatever was going on in Sam & Cat. Since I'm not done with the video, that's pretty much all I have to say. So I'll leave the first post at that! It's already pretty damn long, so that works for me! See you all later!