Boring Day, Annoying Code Issues

09/05/2022 - 10:54 PM EST

Mood: Idk...Neutral
Drinking: Coca Cola
Eating: Pringles and Fun Dip
Watching: Holey Moley

Did some more progress on the blog page. I haven't done a whole lot interesting today but since I updated the blog in general I figured I should update the...actual blog lmao.

I did a little bit of cleaning earlier today, managed to come across a video I'd been searching for for ages, it was on a CD, so thank god for that era where my dad would burn everything onto discs! Granted I think that was probably because it was a school project, and teachers had no clue how to use the computer very well when I was in 6th grade.

Besides that, I played some with friends. Pretty uneventful. The main thing bothering me today is that I wanted to add a music player to this blog page, but I didnt want to use the one on the main page since it takes a lot of space. I tried to use SCM music player, but I guess it uses iFrames to work? So unfortunately when I added it it began to break how the blog functions. This would probably be an easy solve if I knew javascript at all, but I dont want to make this blog out of javascript if the iframe works just fine (and is easier for me to wrap my head around). Maybe I'll find a solution later, or just a better music player to use. Still sad about that though.