Welcome to The Blog.

Here as you can see I have created yet another place for me to talk about nonsense. Content will vary from how my day/week's been, to literally any topic I feel like discussing. Because of this some entries will have a more serious tone than others. Enjoy!

Fair Warning: The stuff I talk about on this blog will vary. While I try to keep the main site generally PG-13 (With only small exceptions), this blog might occassionally talk about adult topics, this includes nsfw content. I don't feel the need to talk about that sort of stuff often, but it will always be possible. Entries that have 18+ content will be labelled accordingly, you are responsible for what you read.

Similarly, other types of content will have warnings too, notably media spoilers. These will usually be tagged at my own discretion of what I would consider a spoiler, so if you're very spoiler-avoidant of certain things, then read at your own caution.