For some background context, I'm visiting my friend Moose on July 7th 2024. The rest of this is copy pasted from discord based on what I could remember after waking up. With image included.

"had a dream for some reason where you tried to kill me before I could visit you but also you were don Quixote from limbus company as a ghost. for. some reason
I really hate dreams where someone is very clearly not the person it's intended to be but the brain is like "nope that is DEFINITELY this person and you are actively recognizing them as such inside the dream"
I wish the memories of the dream weren't fading because it was so nuts the entire time for no reason at all. like. our houses were merged for some reason (though my brain didn't know enough about what your house looked like so it started making shit up to the point it felt more like a vampire's fancy mansion) but it was still recognizing you as living elsewhere?? even though our families were talking. for some reason I was convinced that Matt was coming along too until he changed his mind. you were already with me for some reason but not seen the entire dream until the end and I was frantically looking for you because we "were gonna be late to heading over to your proper house" but I couldn't find you anywhere and I was getting more frantic and I went into "your room" (again, the whole plot was supposedly visiting you but I guess a chunk of your house was like. magically merging through time and space so I was in it but still had to go visit the real house) and while in this obviously fake room that looks nothing like your room I started trying to steal your shit, the plan apparently being "well I have terrible luck so if I start trying to steal their things surely they will appear behind me and upon being caught we will finally head out" but I was instead interrupted by Matt yelling down the stairs and when I went to go upstairs he yells watch out. I see nothing at first and then suddenly you phase into existence as the don Quixote creepypasta ghost thing in front me on the stairs and you were so determined that this visit could not happen. we ended up outside on a cliff or something and I tried to hide in some sort of capsule but then you threw it into a pool of water and then I Woke Up"

Had a dream about hanging out with two people, they were just vague 'people' meant to be friends in-situation. Some random stuff happened at the beginning that I can't remember, but the main part was that one of these friends had a journal in their locker that I was very determined to get into (was this a school? a gym? idk, it was never really brought into focus. There was just a lot of lockers) At one point i made a plan to sneak in and grab the journal because I noticed the friend left their locker unlocked. I was going to read the latest entry and then try to sneak it back in. I succeeded in taking it and reading the entry, but trying to sneakily put it back into the locker was harder, basically a long game of dream hiding, but I failed in the end. I got caught and they were reasonably both very upset with me. The rest of the dream was me desperately trying to apologize for what I'd done but neither of them would listen.

I, for whatever reason, am a weird little object. I don't know what, but I am something small and electronic. and I am trapped in a goddamn bright red bouncy house prison cell. I escape and i am thrust into doom-style navigating through this maze of a bouncy castle while the owner; Peter Griffin from family guy, is chasing me. God knows why. I successfully escape and then I climb up a mountain, where I get stuck in a time loop of climbing for awhile, reaching the top multiple times before being sent back down. One of the times has pee in the snow for some reason. No clue why. One time I find a wise anthro squirrel at the end of a cliff, another time I find that on the other side is a public pool with lots of cobblestone for the structures. Thats it. But Peter was insanely terrifying in the dream for no reason, he looked normal but he completely struck fear into me.

Not much detail here, my brain was essentially 'youtube pooping' to create its own Arrested Development episode, and every now and then in the middle of it my brother kept waking me up IRL asking if i wanted to be 'dogpilled'. it was strange

(Copied from discord)
i was trying to fall asleep at like 11-12 or smthn and before i was fully asleep i guess my head was like "idk have a dream where your mouth is full of blood but you cannot spit it out or swallow it youre just stuck you cannot do anything and no one notices that anything is even wrong" like what the fuck was that ive never had anythijng that fucking weird before
like it felt like drowning but i wasnt actually dying in the dream or anything so it was just me trying to get someones attention to try and help me and no one fuckin reacted and then i opened my eyes bc i was still in like, a zone where i could wake myself up so i was like "fuck this"

(Copied from discord)
* Weird battle between me and markiplier? Only sort of though. Was a building thing. I made a cringe tardis with a bunch of "stickbugged" inside
* Vividly remember a neon "peanut butter sandwich" from the markiplier thing, which was just minimalist and essentially just a 3D rectangle that was layered pink-yellow-pink-blue-pink, sometimes without the middle pink.
* A part where me and another person were rescuing someone(? Don't know who anymore) in the basement caves of markipliers building, Minecraft styled.
* Caves were hard to describe other than fucked up caves, eventually there was very hilly garden areas where we kept facing off challenges. One of them was a weird choir/piano-organ creature that looked like that one character from TPOH, there was three of them and we always failed on that step until we figured out how to defeat them via the third creature which we had to open and press a piece of paper to the inside of them softly. This part I remember seeing in another dream but I cannot remember the other dream
* I think I was my oc En the entire time? Or at least I was also neon based. The next bit of the dream was either a real game that I've forgotten or it was a recurring dream because it was very familiar. But I was a cat this time. There was someone somewhat like my OC 193, who I know I beat up somewhere in the earlier dream, but he was just absolutely fawning over me for some reason. The game we were in involved trying to somehow get groceries by stealing them, but first we had to somehow get them because the old women running the store were finicky about it, plus would often refuse to get things off high shelves. It was very fun ngl in the previous dreams I remember but this one was more so just fake-193 doing anything I asked him to because I beat him up earlier and I guess he liked that???? I remember him going through a whole lot just to get a giant bag of pocky for me. Like I told him to say “yea I'm a cake maker and I need a LOT of pocky for this cake. Also during it before I spotted the pocky it was a lot of me moving around and asking fake-193 if he liked my art because apparently I felt inadequate after the weird vs markiplier thing even though that was building not drawing. To which most of the time he was apparently just neutral
* Weirdly enough this was the only time in one of the store game dreams where we won and as we drove off I could feel the keyboard buttons in my head Bc the driving mechanics were awful. We won and the game starts over for the next player, who was markiplier, and then I woke up.


The first dream is the gerbil one. It always starts feeling like a normal day, at some point I go downstairs, I have no reason to go downstairs because IRL and in the Dream I'm aware that downstairs is completely torn up and there's nothing of use down there. I just sort of walk down for pointless ADHD reasons. But as I turn the corner I find out a bunch of my gerbils are still alive! But the condition of the cages is exactly what you'd expect for a cage thats hosted gerbils without being cleaned for a few years, it's extremely disgusting. It's always far more gerbils than I've ever owned at once (I've only ever owned 3 maximum at the same time, sometimes in the dream there's upwards to around 7 gerbils.) The gerbils are all alive but they're skinny and malnourished, dying. Sometimes details change between occurences, sometimes the gerbils are all alive, sometimes one or two are dead, sometimes I walk in on them fighting to try and eat eachother. Everytime I simply just sit there and stare at the problem, stressing myself out and crying my eyes out that I somehow 'didn't realize they were alive' and for letting them get to that state, but I never try to fix the problem, at least not completely, sometimes I will give them food but I won't clean the cage at all, I just sit there and cry at the gerbils. Sometimes I pick one up and pet them, then put them back into the cage where they continue to be doomed.

The other dream involves my mom. Like the previous one, it always starts feeling like I'm actually awake and it's a normal day. At some point I will recieve news that my mom is actually still alive. Sometimes it's someone telling me, sometimes I find her on my own, rarely the dream will start after i've already found her. Regardless, whenever I find her, wherever I was at the moment doesn't matter, I'll suddenly be in a pseudo-scotland type location (where my mom was born, Glasgow specifically as i've visited there before), sometimes I'll be inside and I can only tell because 'vibes', but if I'm outside everything will look like what I remember of glasgow, but lots of things lack color and are just white, like the texture is there but the color has been drained, with some spots of color. Usually I'll be confronting her in a living room, wondering where's she's been all these years. She never says anything, or if she does, I can never remember what she says. But I can always tell regardless that the answer is "I just didn't want to come back.", whether implied or i just feel it. Her hair is never correct, it's never her real hair or even the wig she had while she had cancer irl, always something new, like she's trying to hide who she is. Sometimes there is no answer, or it feels like she wanted to come back. No matter what, I still end up leaving the room feeling shattered at the end each time, and I run through the previously mentioned white streets looking for nothing. Then it usually ends.

I seemingly wake up to a normal day, but sitting in the green chair across my room is Ted Cruz, who actually morphs into a few different politicians the entire time he's in the chair, but mostly looks like Ted Cruz. I complain about right wing politics to him and he shrugs me off, says I have bigger problems, I look out my window and there's Hillary (or Trump, Can't remember) exiting a limo, and they start to try and beat down my front door. I do not remember the end if there was one

All I remember about this dream was entering a huge building made of what looked like Lapis lazuli, but specifically the Lapis Block texture from the minecraft dokucraft texture pack. Running the school was Palkia and Dialga in seperate offices. I remember talking to them but not anything about what we said.

This dream for whatever reason has stuck with me all these years, probably because the visuals were just so memorable. Exact details are lost, but it involved me lying to some girl in how i envisioned High School. Don't know what about, I think it was about stealing something or saying I'd visit and then didn't. It doesn't matter, she never comes back up, she's just one of the memorable parts and implied to be involved somehow even though she doesn't return. I head home late at night, and when I get to my yard, the car at the house across the street waves its tire at me like a hand, then a massive red truck tries to run me over out of nowhere but fails as I dodge. As I attempt to escape by going inside, I open the house door and there are millions of little tripod mcdonald's toy looking aliens crawling around in lines like ants. I can't remember the rest of the dream afterward.