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[1/27/23] Pokemon shrine is up, the shrines page is a bit..blank. But I wanted to have it up for people to see it's progress. It's still a big WIP, but I've been having fun with the anime reviews and I wanted to share them.
[1/25/23] Happy Birthday to me! Working on a Pokemon review page/shrine, not up yet but in progress.
[11/6/22] Added a Dream Journal Page to the blog. Tweaked some other various things across the site too.
[10/19/22] Added a space for my friends to make some fake ads. Finally made the framework for the OC page! The only character currently with info is my sona Ginger, but I plan to fill it out slowly overtime.
[9/18/22] Added various tweaks the past few days. Also added a little "currently playing" last fm widget (Code Here, I tweaked some parts a little). Inspired by Dimden's! I wish mine updated automatically like theirs, but I managed to get a similar effect another way :) Now you can see what I'm doing on spotify at all times!
[9/8/22] Well it's not midnight this time. It's...6 AM. Oops. Anyways, added the commission page!! I can now officially replace my carrd with my website :)!
[9/7/22] Midnight yet again. Worked some more on the blog and began the art section. Currently only the drawings category has any content
[9/1/22] It is currently midnight. I've finally started the blog as well as tweaked a few random things around the site!
[8/30/22] Added a landing page to allow for a bright color warning, as well as more graphics and a to do list
[8/26/22] It's technically the 27th as I write this, but most work was done in the day. Added some more graphics + links to the links page. Will be adding more links but it's already pretty expansive.
[8/24/22] Finished the about me,created graphics page. Make link to 'other links' but it doesn't work yet theres nothing there. Im too lazy to start it today i fucking hated having to add all those graphics one by one
[8/21/22] Added music player (Thank You OddityCommodity for the code + help!), first section of the about me, finished the footer and included a button for my site in it!
[8/20/22] Added a noise clip to the about me, some progress on the footer, and added a website hit counter
[8/19/22] Added navbar, moon phase, polls, the framework for the about me page, and Chandler.
[8/18/22] Added the welcome section, blinkies, imood, and chatbox!
[8/17/22] More progress, made this news table today, yippee!
[8/16/22] After some practicing i've finally started actually working on this website! Yahoo!


  • Work on OC pages
  • Animation/Video page
  • Music page
  • Decorate blog more
  • Update shrine splash page
  • Make a seperate 'about me page' that's fancier, maybe combine it with the graphics page to make it just one page

(Format breaks sometimes, sorry!)

Dreamscape Hatena


Mumo n Me






  • Dreamscape Hatena - Me n Mumo4:08
  • GHOST - Nelward2:38
  • Puppet Boy - DEVO3:11
  • Rubberband - Big Fun4:04
  • Caramelldansen - Caramell2:55
  • Intermission - Scissor Sisters2:38
  • I'm At The Beach Today - Drive454:19
  • Cult Ritual, Line 3 - Stevie Dinner3:18
  • Lazy - The Living Tombstone3:14
  • Good For Your Soul - Oingo Boingo3:16
  • Queasy - Drive453:26
  • Helluva Life - FrankJavCee2:22
  • The Main Character - Will Wood4:25
  • D R O V E MY CAR - 1 Trait Danger2:01
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time - DJ Chipman2:11
  • Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) - The Offspring3:23
  • Orphan Tears - Your Favorite Martian3:23
  • :( - The Garden2:05
  • Mad IQs - IDKHOW3:02
  • Lipstick Destroyer - TOBACCO1:49
  • Squares - That Handsome Devil3:21