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[1/25/24] Long time no update! Sorry I've been sort of dead on my site here. I have been updating some of my OC pages though! As well as the pokemon shrine again recently. I hope to eventually get back into using this site more, i really need to get off twitter for my own mental health. While i'm writing this i also want to shout out two things, one: My birthday is today! Yippee happy birthday to me again, I'm now 23. More importantly though, please support Palestine in any way you can! I've retweeted stuff about it on my twitter but I want it said here too!
[1/27/23] Pokemon shrine is up, the shrines page is a bit..blank. But I wanted to have it up for people to see it's progress. It's still a big WIP, but I've been having fun with the anime reviews and I wanted to share them.
[1/25/23] Happy Birthday to me! Working on a Pokemon review page/shrine, not up yet but in progress.
[11/6/22] Added a Dream Journal Page to the blog. Tweaked some other various things across the site too.
[10/19/22] Added a space for my friends to make some fake ads. Finally made the framework for the OC page! The only character currently with info is my sona Ginger, but I plan to fill it out slowly overtime.
[9/18/22] Added various tweaks the past few days. Also added a little "currently playing" last fm widget (Code Here, I tweaked some parts a little). Inspired by Dimden's! I wish mine updated automatically like theirs, but I managed to get a similar effect another way :) Now you can see what I'm doing on spotify at all times!
[9/8/22] Well it's not midnight this time. It's...6 AM. Oops. Anyways, added the commission page!! I can now officially replace my carrd with my website :)!
[9/7/22] Midnight yet again. Worked some more on the blog and began the art section. Currently only the drawings category has any content
[9/1/22] It is currently midnight. I've finally started the blog as well as tweaked a few random things around the site!
[8/30/22] Added a landing page to allow for a bright color warning, as well as more graphics and a to do list
[8/26/22] It's technically the 27th as I write this, but most work was done in the day. Added some more graphics + links to the links page. Will be adding more links but it's already pretty expansive.
[8/24/22] Finished the about me,created graphics page. Make link to 'other links' but it doesn't work yet theres nothing there. Im too lazy to start it today i fucking hated having to add all those graphics one by one
[8/21/22] Added music player (Thank You OddityCommodity for the code + help!), first section of the about me, finished the footer and included a button for my site in it!
[8/20/22] Added a noise clip to the about me, some progress on the footer, and added a website hit counter
[8/19/22] Added navbar, moon phase, polls, the framework for the about me page, and Chandler.
[8/18/22] Added the welcome section, blinkies, imood, and chatbox!
[8/17/22] More progress, made this news table today, yippee!
[8/16/22] After some practicing i've finally started actually working on this website! Yahoo!


  • Work on OC pages
  • Animation/Video page
  • Music page
  • Decorate blog more
  • Update shrine splash page
  • Make a seperate 'about me page' that's fancier, maybe combine it with the graphics page to make it just one page

(Format breaks sometimes, sorry!)

Dreamscape Hatena


Mumo n Me






  • Dreamscape Hatena - Me n Mumo4:08
  • GHOST - Nelward2:38
  • Puppet Boy - DEVO3:11
  • Rubberband - Big Fun4:04
  • Caramelldansen - Caramell2:55
  • Intermission - Scissor Sisters2:38
  • I'm At The Beach Today - Drive454:19
  • Cult Ritual, Line 3 - Stevie Dinner3:18
  • Lazy - The Living Tombstone3:14
  • Good For Your Soul - Oingo Boingo3:16
  • Queasy - Drive453:26
  • Helluva Life - FrankJavCee2:22
  • The Main Character - Will Wood4:25
  • D R O V E MY CAR - 1 Trait Danger2:01
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time - DJ Chipman2:11
  • Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) - The Offspring3:23
  • Orphan Tears - Your Favorite Martian3:23
  • :( - The Garden2:05
  • Mad IQs - IDKHOW3:02
  • Lipstick Destroyer - TOBACCO1:49
  • Squares - That Handsome Devil3:21