Helpful - Booksmart - Creative
Mischievous - Loud - Risktaker
Name Peony / Dahlia
Nickname N/A
Age 20 / 23
Birthday Apr. 4 / Jul. 10
Gender Both female
Pronouns Both she/her
Species Cat / Undead Cat
Orient. Het / Bi
Height 2'0" / 2'4"
Build Average / Skinny
Align. Neu. Good/Chao. Good
Job Assistants
Two cat sisters, Peony and Dahlia work alongside Mirabelle as her assistants. While Mirabelle's knowledge is rather broad, Peony and Dahlia are self proclaimed experts in alchemy and the supernatural respectively, two things that Mirabelle can do but isn't as knowledgeable in as some of her other subjects. While the two aren't necessarily "experts", they are still skilled and Peony is good at learning new things quickly. The two often are called upon when anything involves The Parallel, which is considered supernatural and magical by most people who have only heard of it, or lack the knowledge to understand what theyve seen after being there.
- Dahlia became something akin to a 'vampire' very early in life. No one is really sure what happened to her, and she changes the story everytime she's asked about it. One of them is probably true, but who knows which one.
- Later on in her life, she had an accident that resulted in her head being decapitated. Being undead already, she was fine. But her head never properly reconnected, so she wears a very thick bow around her neck to keep it place. Peony has a potion that she makes that helps stabilize it further through magic. When the potions effects are working her head is as attached as any normal head unless it's roughly tugged on, but when the effects wear off it's easy for her to accidentally drop her head if she leans too far in any direction or if she moves too quickly. This has never really bothered her since she always makes sure to have potions available when doing anything important, when it does fall off she usually finds it funny.
- Peony is much smarter than her sibling overall, but doesn't know much at all when it comes to the supernatural other than basic information. But when it comes to alchemy/potions and other magic she's incredibly smart, she's just a bit forgetful sometimes and needs to reread instructions frequently, so she often writes extensive notes for anything she's created herself. She's very protective about her notes.
Mirabelle ['Boss']
While the two don't really consider Mirabelle a 'boss', that is technically what she is. Both Peony and Dahlia enjoy her company and are happy to help her out around the buisiness in exchange for a free place to live.