Pessimistic - Tired - Quiet
Name Magpie
Nickname N/A
Age Whatever I Am
Birthday Jan. 25th 2001
Gender Kitty Cat Hehe
Pronouns Any
Species Cat
Orient. Pansexual
Height 5'6"
Build Slightly Chubby
Align. True Neutral
Role Sona
Magpie is the much quieter and 'downer' counterpart to Ginger. While it's not impossible for Magpie to be happy, they often get hung up on the smaller things that wouldn't usually bother someone like Ginger. Magpie struggles a lot more with the social aspects of life, and a tendency to isolate themself instead of communicating. They're not good for problem solving when it comes to themself.
- Can be drawn either feral, semi-feral, or anthro. I usually draw them full anthro, but it doesn't really matter.
- Can change colors and patterns of her fur. He typically sticks to the same pattern and just changes the colors, but it can quite literally be anything. Tends to keep the circles around the pupil but will sometimes remove them.
- Any outfit works well. They usually go for hoodies/jackets and sweatpants but they're not picky, if it looks cool then it looks cool.
- The Sona I usually use for experimental art.
- 420 xd
GINGER [Friend]
This little fucking creature is about the most annoying thing Magpie's ever seen. And they absolutely need them around lest they go insane.

NUTMEG [Annoying]
Nutmeg is way too good at pointing out Magpie's issues with themself, and it makes them extremely uncomfortable. And that's without the weird flirting.