Flirty - Talkative - Weird
Name Nutmeg
Nickname N/A
Age Whatever I Am
Birthday Jan. 25th 2001
Gender :)
Pronouns Any
Species Squirrel???
Orient. Pansexual
Height Varies (Max 3ft)
Build Average
Align. Chaotic Neutral
Role NSFW Sona
The least like me of all my sonas. Nutmeg is very confident about who they are and what they want. They're not exempt from shy moments, but they're far beyond anything Ginger or Magpie could do when it comes to being social. Nutmeg is more competent when it comes to talking to other people, and is better at pinpointing the causes of Ginger and Magpie's (and their own) problems.
- Less of a 'sona' and more of an 'easily insertable character for random situations' (Basically an NSFW sona. Sometimes used in vent art tho)
- Can change their sex at will
- Heart Pupils NOT optional. You can draw extra symbols inside the hearts but the outer shape of the pupil must always be a heart
- Please ask first if you want to draw NSFW of her, they may not be literally me but it is still under sonas for a reason.
MAGPIE [Friend]
Nutmeg is way too good at pointing out Magpie's issues with themself, and it makes them extremely uncomfortable. Nutmeg thinks Magpie is a bit of an idiot and needs to get over themself, but enjoys messing with them.

GINGER [Friend]
The two of them enjoy making NSFW jokes together and playing games. Beyond that though they don't really have anything. Nutmeg is just sort of around.