Impulsive - Outgoing - Sarcastic
Name Mary-Anne Cassia
Nickname N/A
Age 36
Birthday April 1st
Gender Woman
Pronouns She/Her
Species Earth Human
Race Caucasian
Orient. Lesbian
Height 6'0"
Build Lean
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Role "Leader"/Hitman
Location In Space
Status Alive
Theme [Desdemona]
Holy Shit, shut the fuck up!


Unofficial "leader" of a group of currently unnamed space assassins (with a few extra people along for the ride)

Leader is a loose term for the group though, since everybody mostly does their own thing, they're not great at cooperating, have clashing personalities, and hell, Mary doesn't even own the ship, she stole it from another member of the group initially. Nobody would ever refer to her as the 'leader', but most of them still instinctively come to her when something is happening. You could ask any of them why, and they probably wouldn't know either, it's incredible that they haven't fallen apart.

The group mostly go around taking jobs and doing whatever they want. These jobs are usually assassin/hitman or theft related, but they'll do anything for the right price.

Height:6'0" Eyes:Green
Build:Very Lean Complexion:Pale/Freckled
Hair Style:Pigtails & Bangs Hair Color:Dirty Blonde
  • Alt. Outfits available in image gallery, but you can draw her in any outfits of similar style. She really likes pink, esp hot pink. Likes dresses but doesn't wear them often.
  • Has a large hammer (in ref) and a gun (not in ref). The hammer's colors don't have the be exact, since they tend to flicker/glitch slightly, but should be similar. (Gun has a ref in her [ Gallery])
  • Only lets her hair down if she's either about to sleep or not feeling well. It's always up in some form otherwise.
  • Her body is pretty covered in scars. Most of the major ones are visible in her alt outfit pic, but you can generally assume most parts of her except her face have at least one or two small scars.
  • She might be 36, but she does NOT look her age at all. She looks much younger


Impulsive in nature and fueled by adrenaline, when left to her own devices Mary will quite literally do whatever she wants, and there's not much she won't do for money either. She is constantly getting herself into dangerous and difficult situations, and prides herself on the fact that she can "do anything and get out of it", and to an extent she's right, she knows how to make a plan when she needs to, and when to start improvising. While this usually works out great for her on her own, her way of thinking starts to run into problems when she needs to work as a team, often disregarding a plan to do something that she thinks will work better, with little to no warning. While she usually manages to get herself out mostly unscathed, the same can't always be said for the others.

Mary has an inherent distrust of other people, which she usually can push aside, but it tends to rear it's head in the form of a lack of care for what happens to other people. It's not impossible for her to do something selfless, and she doesn't enjoy seriously harming other people, but if a situation has anything she'd deem as a serious consequence (which is a fairly large category for her) and the only way out was to throw the other person under the bus, she tends to do so, and she isn't afraid of telling people that either.

Because of her distrust in people, she has no friends in her eyes. From an outside view it usually seems she has plenty of friends, there are plenty of people she actively speaks to and acts friendly with, but she herself would never refer to any of them as 'friends', even if she does maybe secretly care about a few of them. The majority of people however, she does not care about. The closest she gets to referring to anything as a friend is sarcastically calling people 'buddy'.

Emotionally, Mary is a controlled mess. There's a lot more going on in her mind than she typically lets on, which she does well most of the time. She's good at staying confident and optimistic in almost any situation, and while a lot of it is real confidence and optimism, she also tends to use it to mask when she, god forbid, feels any sort of 'upset'. When she's at her breaking point, she tends to just go cold and silent, she would rather die than talk about her feelings. Which she's also not very great at recognizing in herself sometimes, and it transfers to others as well. She's not good at picking up on little signs, and tends to base how others are feeling on what they say and their outward expression.

Despite her lacking ability in reading other real people, Mary is much better at reading the feelings of more 'animal-like' creatures, and loves symbolism. The more sapient something is, the harder it becomes for her to understand as well. For these reasons, Mary tends to find connections in things, often for seemingly arbitrary reasons, that others normally wouldn't. Sometimes this symbolism is based on things she's heard or read, and sometimes it's based in her own experience, like her view of fire being associated with freedom.

Overall, Mary isn't a very spiritual or superstitious person, but she does have one strong belief that tends to stand out to others when it comes up, and it's that she firmly believes that nothing is 'truly' inanimate, especially dolls and other toys in particular. She hates seeing dolls being treated recklessly, and while she usually won't say anything, when she does she's very adamant about it. She's convinced they can feel emotion and retain memories like anything else, just that they can't act on those emotions.


  • Fire
  • Dolls
  • Symbolism
  • Cats
  • Winter Adams


  • Roberto
  • Ladybugs
  • Personal Questions
  • "Boring" Things


  • Sarcastic
  • Outgoing
  • Impulsive
  • Pyromaniac
  • Private


  • [Voice Claim]
  • Has hypermobility ("Double-jointed") and very much enjoys using it to freak people out.
  • Usually associated with fire, cinnamon, ladybugs, and dolls (artistically)
  • While she wasn't this originally, overtime she's become somewhat of a "Mary Sue" joke. Tragic backstory, strangely lucky, etc. Other characters that are 'in the know' about those sorts of terms will jokingly call her that. Mary does not know what it means, and refuses to let anyone explain to her
  • Though she is a lesbian, she's still had/has some sex with men. Mainly only if it's what's necessary to get a job done.


Orphaned as a kid and in an abusive orphanage with no friends, Mary decides for some reason that burning the place to the ground, kids and all, is somehow the best idea. She gets wrapped up in thievery and eventually organized crime. After ages of blackmail she kills the men she was working for and goes into hiding. When space travel becomes more affordable to the public, Mary takes that hiding into space, where she eventually meets Puss in Boots after they both try to steal the same ship, overtime a group begins to form in the ship.


At 36, after 6 years of wandering through space and stealing ships, as well as meeting many different people, Mary eventually encountered an experience she'd never had before; someone else stealing the same ship as her, at the same time. While trying to run from law enforcers on another planet, she had hopped into the first empty ship she saw, managing to start it up and taking off. Very clumsily at that too, as she would soon find out from the complaining cat that wandered out from the back. At first she wasnt sure if he was the owner or not, but eventually found out he wasn't, and he'd been trying to do the same thing she was, but was trying to hide for awhile first. Introducing himself as Puss in Boots, the two eventually agreed to work together, and that began what would eventually grow into a larger group

Mary never knew her parents when she was younger, as far as she knows she may as well have been born in the orphanage she grew up in. Mary was born on Earth, but at some point ended up on Sintane, she doesn't really know how, and she doesn't particularly care either, the orphanage was all she knew. On the outside the orphanage seemed fine, whoever was responsible for its public image was great at that. Unfortunately however, conditions were not as great on the inside. While the place was kept clean to look nice for visitors, the children were often neglected or directly abused, especially Mary. Children there were all 'homeschooled', but none really learned much, often having to seek things out themself if they wanted to learn, which Mary never really did. Even as a child Mary had a tendency to act up, ostracizing her from both the adults and the other children. Some of the other 'troubled' kids would frequently bully her, both verbally and physically, especially as 12-14 year olds. Mostly picking on her strange mannerisms. In response Mary usually only cemented her behavior further, refusing to conform even if meant further bullying. Around age 6, she had snuck out one night and walked around the nearby area, while that night was mostly uneventful, she did find a lost doll that she kept with her ever since. She can't remember anymore what she used to call the doll by, but it was, for all intents and purposes, her best friend for her entire childhood. At around age 8 she had one friend at the orphanage, another girl around her age. Sadly, the friendship was broken up somewhat quickly, when they were 13, her friend was adopted and she wasn't, the two lost contact, leaving Mary alone again. Without the company of her friend, the treatment at the orphanage began to wear on her more, and she relied on her doll as her source of company. At age 14, while still being bullied and teased by other kids, one of them tore apart the doll in front of her, and before Mary could get the parts back to try and fix it herself, one of the caretakers finally decided to 'intervene' and stop the conflict, but tossed the doll out back into the garbage. By the time Mary had a chance to try and dumpster-dive for her only friend, the garbage had already been taken away to a landfill. From that point onward, Mary had finally broke, and stopped talking or interacting with the others at all, not even to act strange or bother them on purpose. Often hiding under her covers all day, only sometimes sneaking out at night to walk the streets. At 15, she went to walk outside one night, to find a parked pickup truck with jugs of gasoline in the back. With no one in sight nearby, she stole and took them inside as everyone slept, pouring out the contents around everything she could without waking anyone, before lighting it on fire with a match and running out. She doesn't remember what was going through her mind that night to come to the conclusion to do that, but she doesn't want to think about it either. In her mind, everyone there was one of two things, either abusive or enablers, people who hurt her and people who did nothing to help, and that's how she's justified it to herself ever since.

Since doing so, Mary began to live on her own, wandering the streets of the city at first, often stealing money or agreeing to spy/tail people for others if they would pay her enough. For a long time Mary lived her life in cheap hotels and motels as a petty thief and spy, until eventually around age 22 she was approached by people who wanted to make use of her particular set of skills. Mary never did learn who they were, but they offered her so much money she couldn't refuse. What started as normal spying and stealing tasks that she was used to doing before eventually began to escalate. After having shot someone to cover her tracks on one of these tasks, they began to press for her to help 'get rid of other problems'. Without any real way to safely say no, Mary ended up being their personal hitman. The feeling of being controlled again began to eat at her though, and eventually after a particularly significant mission, she managed to catch her bosses in a room alone, having already been paid for her task, she took advantage of the moment, managing to kill them both and escaping with her money.

Though her new 'job' she'd had with them was unwilling at first, she had grown used to it, and she was good at it, so she continued to do so even after running away. The difference was now it was on her own terms, no loyalties, just jobs for money, small jobs, as to not alert anyone who may have held a grudge for the two powerful men she killed. Despite the money she earned, she never bought a home or anything, instead choosing to spend her days and nights wandering cities and towns, sneaking into places and making her own fun. Around her 30th birthday, Sintane's space travel began to become more affordable, and mary decided to start visiting other plants, causing trouble everywhere she went, eventually teaching herself how to fly one herself, only to result her often stealing and ditching personal spaceships she'd come across.




Tech Savvy
Street Smart



Mean Nice
Cowardly Brave
Violent Pacifist
Impulsive Thoughtful
Contrary Agreeable
Introvert Extrovert
Follower Leader
Deceptive Honest
Pessimistic Optimistic


Higher Power


Power or Fame
Other's Opinions
PUSS IN BOOTS ["Friend"]

She wants to like the guy, she really does, I mean look at him! He's a little walking fairytale kitty. She does enjoy his presence more than most people, but he very easily becomes her worst nightmare anytime he decides he's curious about something about her, which instantly releases the floodgates of questions she hates.

HALE-BOPP [Partners In Crime]

The two get along great! For the most part. They agree on so much, but for wildly different reasons. They work well as teammates thanks to both of them working their best under pressure, improvising instead of planning. They tend to go about things similarly, so even when making impulsive actions they're able to work off eachother.

SAMIEL [Tolerates His Presence]

If it wasn't for the fact this guy owns the ship she and Puss "stole from him", she would've had the group ditch this dude ages ago. She doesn't hate him, she can tolerate his presence without too much bother usually, but she doesn't particularly like him either.


She can't stand him. He's only around because Winter and Puss seem to like/be okay with him. There's just something about him that pisses her off.

WINTER [Friend]

How could anybody not like Winter? That'd be like hating a kitten. And she's kinda cute :)

MIRABELLE [Acquaintance]

They just sort of know eachother, Mary used to visit sometimes, not often, Mirabelle asks too many personal questions, but Mary still respects her and will come for help if she needs something, and returns the favor if Mirabelle needs help.